Why past life regression may be the key to unlock stuck states…..

Why past life regression may be the key to unlock stuck states…..

Sometimes there may be things in our past lives that give us a key to unlock stuck states now? Here I look at how this can manifest when connecting to the vast resources that are there to be resourced in our amazing unconscious, subconscious minds…

Past Life Regression…What it is…What it isnt……

Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of regression in the 1890s, utilising it in psychoanalysis, at first via hypnosis and then in talk therapy. Through regression, his patients could confront childhood events and traumas that continued to create emotional stress in their adult lives, being also evident in their dreams.

Many lucid dreamers are able to exercise control over their dreams. Having control allows lucid dreamers to use their lucid dreams as they desire, perhaps simply for having fun (e.g. flying) or for psychological well-being (e.g. overcoming nightmares). Even for frequent lucid dreamers, controlling the content of a dream can be difficult if the dreamer is not prepared with a goal and strategies for realising that goal. So, whilst the ability to include a mobile phone in a 16th century landscape is a method of having a variety of lucid dream which may enable individuals to experience lucid dreams for personal purposes, this is not indicative of true past life recall.

What is meant by “karma”?

Karma is generally understood to be the “Universal Law of Cause and Effect.”
The saying “You reap what you sow,” means that what goes around comes around. The definition of Karma tells us “You also bring forward into this life your past karma which determines the kind of physical form you will have as well as your personality traits”. However, belief in karma doesn’t necessarily indicate “karmic cause,” it may just indicate a karmic link to an issue in this life, which may be learned through past life recall, as a lesson of the past.
However, it is important to remember “the past is a lesson , not a life sentence”
Diana Goldner wrote:”Each individual is born with karma, the residual from past lives that must be resolved.” But I believe karma is more present and future based too:

There are two types of Karma: Vikarma or bad karma and Akarma or good karma.

There are 12 Laws of Karma. These are the Laws of:
1. Cause and Effect. This is also known as The Great Law, similar to the Law of Attraction. So, if we seek love, be loving, if we seek wealth, be generous.
2. Creation. This means we need to be active participants in our lives. If we don’t like what is happening in our lives we must look to our surroundings to understand what is going on inside and ask ourselves what needs to change.
3. Humility. This suggests that we are not to constantly blame others for things that are not right in our lives. Consistent self reflection will help us make the shifts we need to a more fulfilling life.
4. Growth. The message here is that we need to expect a change in ourselves before we expect it of the world around us.
5. Responsibility. We are individually responsible for our life experiences. We must take ownership of the bad things we create as well as the good.
6. Connection. Remember, our control over the present and future can help us obliterate the bad energy of the past. It takes time to address karmic wrongs ( through past life regression for example) but each small step can have unexpectedly powerful effects.
7. Focus. In life, we will do better if we follow a single train of thought. So if we have several goals, follow them in a logical linear pattern.
8. Giving and Hospitality. When we demonstrate commitment, we demonstrate our actions. This in turn reflect in our beliefs.
9. The Here and Now. Truly live in the present moment. Fully engage and enjoy it.
10. Change. If we are stuck in a loop there is something fundamental that needs to be addressed. This will continue until we know we need to create a different future.
11.Patience and Reward. Our greatest successes will require consistent hard work. We must work out our true purpose. We must enjoy the reward of knowing we are doing what we are supposed to do with our current life. In time, emotional and material successes will follow.
12. Significance and Inspiration. The last law of karma is the strongest. It stresses that every contribution we make will influence The Whole. When we make creative, loving contributions to the world, our act inspires similarly positive behaviour from others and therefore attracts more positivity back into our life. We may not always feel significant. But we are. Without our presence the energy of the universe would be fundamentally altered.
In a nutshell, that’s karma.

Is dreaming that one is of a different sex, an indication of possible past life recall?

Yes, a change of sex is a perfectly plausible phenomena of past life recall through lucid dreams. However, many people may experience lucid dreams and not realise it is actually past life recall. Profound physiological changes may also manifest, such as a difference in seeing, hearing, even touching or tasting may be experienced in a different way. Taste and smell (the olfactory and gustatory senses), are the two most prominent senses that have been recorded in lucid dreams. It is to be remembered that these are subconscious perceptions rather than realities. Emotions involved in a past life are also extremely important. Emotions are said to be the barometer of the soul. It is believed by some that habits cultivated in past lives create our physical, mental, and emotional makeup in this life. It is said even our sex is determined by our self-chosen tendencies in previous lives.
Eastern cultures such as in Southeast Asia, when adults behave in a way appropriate to the other sex, it is simply assumed that they were someone of that sex in a past life. In Western society rarely is such liberal acceptance of this belief found.

Professor Ian Stevenson found sex change featured in 86% of his work for example with the Kutchen Tribe of northern North America. Stevenson’s research led him to conclude that beliefs carried from one life to another yet this may have been influenced by the culture of his subjects too. Kavi Saxena one of thousands of subjects studied by Professor Ian Stevenson said:
” God put me in the body of a woman because I selfishly exploited women in my life as a male lawyer.” She believed the change of sex was the result of divine karma but how do we know that it was not the spirit itself that was responsible for the change of sex?

However, there was a clear split that more females than males believed they changed sex in a previous life, to a ratio of 70:30. Was this simply because men’s lives within those cultures tend to be more memorable than women’s? Following on from this, it is logical that being a different gender can be vividly present in a subject’s dreams and that indicate true past life recall was experienced in the dream.

What is meant by: The subtle body?

The subtle body is that part of us which is in touch with true reality. We can look into and communicate with our subtle bodies through hypnosis. I believe that our intellect and senses create the illusion of our being and our subtle or energetic body creates our true reality. In life, it would appear, all is not as it at first seems. However, this is not a new concept, as Aristotle said: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.“

In Hindu philosophy, the subtle body is one of three bodies that together constitute a human existence. It’s Sanskrit name is “sukshma sharira”. The other two bodies are the physical body and the causal body. In the Bhagavad Gita, ( this is a 700 verse Hindu scripture) the subtle body is described as a combination of the mind, the intellect and the ego, and it is the subtle body that controls the physical. Through the subtle body, the yogi is said to experience pleasure and pain.

Hypnotherapy, Massage

In the Western world we are all familiar with our physical bodies but often less with our subtle energy systems. Each of us are made up of layers of vibrating energy, each of which has their own specific purpose. Our physical body consists of energy that vibrates very slowly, which is why it appears to our physical eyes to be solid but there are then the energetic layers that are outside of our normal perception. Our energy points, energetic layers or subtle bodies create an interconnected field of energy around the physical body that is known as the auric field, also called Chakras. They act as energy gateways and when they are healthy and functioning properly the chakras act as gateways for vital life force energy from the subtle bodies. It is believed that the physical body is dependent upon this vital energy flow to maintain optimum wellbeing. Chakras can become blocked by long held negative states such as rigid thought patterns (bad habits), and negative emotion.

What happens to our brain during Hypnosis?

Alpha brainwaves are emitted under hypnosis. Alpha brainwaves induce deep relaxation, relieve stress, they increase mental clarity, verbal ability, and performance IQ. The Alpha brainwaves synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain, recall mental images and creative thinking and can even promote the secretion of endorphins into the body. It has been found that changes occur in the brain’s cerebral cortex under hypnosis. The right half of our brain controls our imagination and creativity and increases in activity under hypnosis, whilst the left hemisphere which controls logic, decreases. (This could explain why people feel less inhibited under hypnosis.)
“The left hemisphere is detached, rational, acquisitive, conceptual, literal, straight-laced, abstract, verbal, analytic. The right hemisphere is engaged, empathetic, receptive, intuitive, metaphorical, humorous, particular, musical, holistic. Its raison d’être is to open things up into possibility.” Michael Haupt- Strategic Foresight Practitioner

From this, I understand that the left hemisphere leans towards a solid approach to life, whereas the right seems to have a more fluid approach.

Mr Haupt continues: “The left is not good at understanding the world. Its attention is narrow, its vision myopic, and it can’t see how the parts fit together. It is good for only one thing — manipulating the world. The left hemisphere’s values are those of utility and pleasure, whereas the right is concerned with meaning, purpose and happiness.”

This is underpinned by Adam Zeman, Professor of Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology, University of Exeter in A Brain of Two Halves tells us:
“While the right hemisphere grounds our experience, the left dissects it. The right hemisphere is at home in our ‘embodied existence’ in art and in religion. The left is at home in designing tools with which to master and understand the world. The left hemisphere treats us and our environment as an assemblage of machines; the right hemisphere treats us as people. The left systematises while the right empathises.” This summary again clearly demonstrates the differences between the left and right hand brain function.

This too from Iain McGilchrist in The Master and his Emissary confirms: “The world of the left hemisphere, dependent on denotative language and abstraction, yields clarity and power to manipulate things that are known, fixed, static, isolated, decontextualised, explicit, disembodied, general in nature, but ultimately lifeless. The right hemisphere, by contrast, yields a world of individual, changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate, living beings within the context of the lived world, but in the nature of things never fully graspable, always imperfectly known — and to this world it exists in a relationship of care.”

However, whilst it is absolutely true that some brain functions occur in one or the other side of the brain, e.g: language tends to be on the left, attention more on the right, it appears there is new thinking that the idea of right brain/left brain thinkers has now been debunked: “People don’t tend to have a stronger left- or right-sided brain network. It seems to be determined more connection by connection,” Dr. Jeff Anderson. My understanding from all this is that both sides of the brain contribute and co-exist on an even platform and that perhaps it is indeed our collective unconscious* (CARL JUNG) that determines the result of this collaboration for each individual psyche?

Carl Jung, (born 26th July 1875. died 6th June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Jung realised that the unconscious was not a repository for rejected emotions and desires. He believed it could offer us ways to inner wholeness and healing. The unconscious contains whatever we need to solve our psychological troubles and dreams and gives us access to these positive energies. The human condition is not a continual conflict of Super-Ego verses Id but a striving towards wholeness of the self. Instead of masking hidden desires, Jung believed that dream symbols express what is going on in the unconscious and they make an impression on the dreamer. Famously, Jung also proposed that there is a ‘collective unconscious’. This is a part of the mind that contains information that is common to all humans. Its existence accounts for the fact that widely different cultures can have dreams in which specific symbols occur and have the same meaning. For example, many myths, fairy stories and rituals from around the world are almost identical yet have originated separately. Jung believed these were expressions of archaic symbols that emerged spontaneously from the collective unconscious. He called these symbols archetypes. Wikipedia describes Jungan archetypes as : “… the psychic counterpart of instinct. It is described as a kind of innate unspecific knowledge, derived from the sum total of human history, which prefigures and directs conscious behaviour.” Whilst there are key archetypes, (red more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes#:~:text=Jungian%20archetypes%20are%20defined%20as,as%20proposed%20by%20Carl%20Jung.&text=They%20are%20underlying%20base%20forms,and%20the%20flood%20among%20others.)…to my mind there is in fact an infinite number of archetypes
..interpret this as you will. I find this model of the perception of our life energy to be fascinating. If, dear reader, you are still here, may I suggest you do too?

If you’d like to experience your past life regression in a safe and interesting way with friends or on a 121 basis, lets connect? ….Through Your Hypnosis you can begin to wonder how much you are learning already because you can relax and you can focus your mind inside and you can begin to access Hypnosis in a way that you haven’t experienced before.And as you allow your wonderful subconscious unconscious mind to take you on a journey inside, sooner or later you’ll get to appreciate and enjoy that journey from your past to your NOW.

Your mind and Body already know what to do……

Heartfelt health and happiness to all.


Jules Derrick  
Professional Hypnotist & Founder of OTB Natural Makeup and Massage Therapy British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology member

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