What is a Virtual Gastric Band?  How will it help my weight release?

What is a Virtual Gastric Band? How will it help my weight release?

virtual gastric band
When it comes to weight release, what are you missing?

Your mind and body already knows what to do and yet you have been dieting for years, trying to get to and keep, that slimmer, fitter, healthier you that you know is inside you just waiting to make it’s grand entrance into the world. Maybe you have even tried a personal trainer..but you just didn’t like exercise? Maybe you know what you should be eating and maybe you know that even if your food choices are healthy, your portion sizes are still too big, yet you still can’t quite get the balance you need?

You want to look better, feel better. You don’t want a metabolic age of more than your actual age which means your body is working harder because you’re fat. And then of course there is that part of you that wants you to be healthy, slim, and more confident but then there is that part of you that prefers short term gain..cravings in the shape of sweet and sticky or savoury, fatty and salty food products. Sound familiar?
You have probably tried everything? What about Hypnosis?

A lot of focus in what I do within this Virtual Gastric Band weight release course is simplified down to: “Eat Right, Drink Right, Move Right, Feel Right” and even better, reprogramming this automatic behaviour below the level of conscious awareness. This is the difference which till now your weight release efforts have been missing.

Do you ever eat anything when you are not even hungry? I mean like out of stress? boredom? frustration? Hypnosis can help. Because it is an automatic response, an automatic behaviour, oftentimes in spite of those things we are consciously aware of. An example of this is you’re in your car, you’re driving and you miss an exit. You’re focused on something and you loose track of time. Or, that moment when you know you’re not hungry and there you are eating in response to a moment or an emotion that isn’t even hunger! It’s a funny way of saying this but you are already doing hypnosis. I’m going to show you how to do it better, getting those feelings more congruent with those foods that you’re eating, helping to focus your attention on eating the right foods at the right times, in the right quantities.

There is a saying: ” All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis” You and I work together to help you put the tools in place to “Eat right, Drink Right, Move Right, Feel Right.” So, along the way I am going to give you some really simple, really easy strategies to strengthen the work we are doing. Our work here has two perspectives: on one side we are doing the work, below the level of conscious awareness to effect those changes. To get you focused on eating right, drinking more water and change your feelings about exercise….. as well as giving you some techniques to strengthen it yourself.

I am sure you have done your research. There is some clinical research which shows that if you take hypnosis and apply it to a specific diet plan, compared to not using hypnosis , the results are substantially higher.

It’s quite something when you take stock of what has been achieved in the last few years, using this Virtual Gastric Band programme.
When you see just how much weight people have lost it is staggering –
The latest recorded numbers show the overall total comes to 90,000 kilos in the seven years of the programme!
Along with the obvious benefits of the weight loss, the survey has revealed numerous other health benefits being experiences by the clients. People have recorded reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels, an increase in confidence, self-esteem, happiness, more enjoyment of exercise, stress reduction, loss of anxiety, sleep improvement, increased mobility, a loss of depression and in several cases, an increased libido!


I agree, there is an element that if it’s on the internet it must be true! You know the interesting thing is we are working with human behaviour. So, I am working with you. The perception here is very different from what people might expect. Over the years, stage hypnosis has created an expectation that I am going to snap my fingers and suddenly you are going to do all these behaviours. When the fact is, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

This is something you and I are working on together to help you put the tools in place to “Eat Right, Drink Right, Move Right, Feel Right” So, along the way I am going to give you some really simple, really easy strategies to strengthen the work we are doing. The work we are doing has two perspectives: on the one side we are working below the level of conscious awareness to affect those changes, get you focused on eating right, moving right,. Get you drinking more water. Change those feelings around exercise.

It’s a funny thing…when we were kids we used to love to stay out to play but all of a sudden we label this as exercise and we don’t ant to do it. Activity. Play. Let’s get the fun back into it that it probably was once before for you.
So, we are helping you to effect those changes but at the same time giving you techniques to strengthen it all for yourself.


Well, I give you a couple of options here. Because the way I tend to work with most clients who would say they have a substantial amount of weight release to achieve, it didn’t take you just a few weeks to put the weight on? And I am sure you would agree that your Doctor would say a pound or two a week would be appropriate? If you have a lot of weight to release, here is the best fit for that: We’d start with a plan of five sessions. Every session is different. Now for some clients they find that those five sessions are all they need. They get that momentum in place, use the techniques I am going to teach you and then they are fine on their own to reach the rest of the goal.
Though occasionally there may be clients that would like to add more sessions after that.There is a case study where one guy wanted to loose 70lbs (5 stone) A plan was set for 5 sessions where he lost 20lbs. He was doing phenomenally well. Yet he booked more sessions.
I would rather leave that to be your decision than it to be locked into something long term.

So, we set a plan for 3 or 5 sessions. Every session is different. I want you to think of it in terms of building a house. We put up the framework. The roof, the walls. Then let you move into it.
The most important part is teaching you how to maintain that well. The fact is this is not like quitting smoking. That’s like a light switch. Flip it off and they are done.

Now, I could tell you to stop eating and that would work for a couple of days, then it would get dangerous. We’ve got to modify things, giving you the techniques to strengthen where you are. So we set a plan for five sessions. These are anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. These are online sessions using whatever platform you prefer. My schedule of work runs from any weekday morning from 10am to start the last one of the day at 4.30pm and some Saturdays or Sundays by agreement, so pretty easy to schedule in with.

The investment for this programme is in both time and money. This includes an audio track, full 24/7 text or email support and written guidelines to help you. The core work is done within the 3 session programme. Some clients prefer 5 as a kind of reinforcement if they feel they need it. If you feel you can maintain the success you have had in 3 sessions and this is enough to achieve the long term results you seek, that is perfectly ok. The main thing is everything is customised to you. Rather than being a one size fits all approach. There is a basic protocol, a framework in place yet the information you bring into the session, the results you have moving forward as this thing is becoming easier for you, as you are making healthier life choices, as you’re getting out there and exercising. getting that feedback, that helps to refocus our process to really strengthen what we’re building together.

Sound good? Sound like what you have been missing? How soon would you be interested in getting started on something?
Please connect with me. Only if you are really ready to transform your life. If that is a YES. Email me at info@outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk with a good time of day to call you, your number or FB Messenger or Whats app. This consultation is free. We will talk specifically about your goals. And what you would like to achieve. What hypnosis is and what it isnt. Contraindications to hypnosis which means I will see if I can help you. If that sounds like a match, we will go from there to set a plan for your success.

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