Angel Fare Weigh-Less Academy

…..Fed up with yo-yo dieting?
…..Finding it harder to lose weight these days?
…..Know you need to lose weight for your health but it’s always “I’ll do it tomorrow”?

Here is your first step on your journey to

Do you know what you’ve just done?
By finding out more about my ANGEL FARE WEIGH-LESS Hypnosis Programme, you’ve set yourself up for a breakthrough.

If you’ve been trying to get a handle on your weight, this will reprogramme your mind-body-gut to easily release extra weight so you can maintain your ideal size from now on.

Together we work consciously and subconsciously like you have never worked on your weight before. We share your step-by-step successes and your hiccups when they happen. These hiccups are not failures. You are rewiring your brain.  This is a gentle, easy, fun, weigh-less programme…let’s call it out…because you didn’t get to where you are now overnight did you?

At the end of my 6-week programme, you will be equipped to continue to lead a new healthy lifestyle. This is not a diet. You will learn step by step how to “CHANGE YOUR MOOD WITHOUT FOOD”

You will soon start to feel AMAZING.

Whilst you work on your conscious brain I will underpin it with working with your subconscious brain. You haven’t had access to this before have you?

This is Hayley’s experience: “8 weeks ago I embarked on a journey that was simply life-changing. After years of putting it off, I realised it was time to invest in me! I was unhappy, medically obese, suffering with every symptom of peri-menopause and just not enjoying life. I saw a page on FB – Don’t Wait to Loose Weight, had a free consultation with Jules Derrick and now won’t ever look back!
Having just completed my bespoke programme, I have lost 15lbs and 19inches overall, which is still going in the right direction. I have been able to enjoy a cruise, without the feeling of guilt or conflict when it came to mealtimes AND… I got into ‘that’ dress (the one I bought months ago, when I was filled with hope, but didn’t think I’d manage it).
I have gained so much from this programme, I am happy, healthy, full of energy and zest for life – at last, I feel like ‘I’m back’!
However, it’s not just me that has benefitted. My children and husband have got the old me back too. The one that is up for an adventure and a busy bee around the house. The smiley, happy, fun-loving version and the sad, tired, slow me has gone.
I cannot recommend this experience enough and Jules is just wonderful!
If you have ever thought that the fads and diets have been short lived, or just not worked for you and you want to turn things around, I urge you to make the enquiry. You won’t regret a thing! 😊”

If it was easy and intuitive to lose weight there wouldn’t be so many heavy people would there?

And from Sarah V:

“So for the last six weeks I’ve been going to see this lovely lady for hypnosis to help with my weight loss! I literally have struggled to even lose a pound this last year, then got told I was fat by some little sh*t at Puxton park, so after downing half a pack of after eights I contacted Jules and haven’t looked back! It’s been a fun experience and one I’m carrying on with!! I feel so much better, I’m eating more healthier foods, drinking water more than wine and have joined the gym! It might not be for everyone, but for me, it’s been the only thing that has helped and I genuinely would highly recommend it to anyone!! ❤️

The (real) core reasons people struggle with food are:

This programme deals with all of those things AND installs the desire automatically needed to actually USE THE TOOLS YOU LEARN SO YOU DON’T GET HALFWAY THROUGH A CHEESECAKE AND THINK “oops.I did it again!”

I mentioned you will not be calorie or point counting. Please use only this protocol.

Please consult with your Doctor if you have a medical condition. This protocol can safely be used in conjunction with Doctor’s advice not instead of.

And…you will be able to eat anything you want.

Please set your expectations high because the breakthrough you experience will exceed anything you can currently imagine.
Your next step?

Contact me to book your no obligation is this a fit for me call on the phone or online…NOW!

Karen saw progress in just 3 weeks!

“It’s 3 weeks on Monday since I started my journey and I feel so much better ! Not bloated !! I’ve still got an over hang on my jeans but I really couldn’t get them done up last week !!!
Out with the old habits eating habits ! in with the new habits !! Hypnosis is guiding me !!
to chuck out old habits and create healthy new ones subconsciously. I don’t even need to think about it !! I’m
just do it automatically! No sugar cravings ! No snacking ! I’m eating all that I want ! My sparkle is in its way back !! Not weighed and I’m not caring now how much the scales say ! Just how I look and how I feel ! Thank you Jules Derrick”

Here’s some more happy clients…

  • “I highly recommend Jules and her Double Dip “Don’t Wait to Loose Weight” programme. I contacted Jules when I was depressed with my ever gaining weight, my ankles and feet were swollen with fluid retention and hurting with plantar fasciitis walking and even the thought of doing any exercise was an issue. I was very sceptical about hypnosis but decided air would give it a go…slimming clubs had never worked for me I lost a couple of lb and put it back on I just couldn’t stay focused…. Food was always on my mind with the planning and prepping and counting either calories or points. After starting the hypnotherapy programme with Jules thoughts of food have gone and in a short time I have lost 2 Stone I have now joined the gym and swim regularly and even thinking of taking some classes I now have a vision of my old self and looking forward to my next stone loss and meeting my goal by the end of May. Jules is very passionate at what she does and immediately puts you at ease, there is regular contact and updates nothing is to much trouble if you are struggling check her out…THE POWER OF THE MIND IS REAL.”
    Bev Hirst
    (Reviewed on Trustpilot)
  • “I cannot thank Jules enough for her dedication and help. I embarked on the ‘Angel Fare’ Weigh-less program 8 weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. I’ve always struggled with my weight and have tried every method over the years and this really was the last resort for me. When I met Jules I knew she was invested in making my life better. She listened to me and understood how my health conditions and mental health affected my ability to lose weight and with the combination of therapies she provided and the hypnosis I now finally feel in control of my eating habits and my life. I’ve lost a staggering 18 inches from my body and now have the tools to succeed knowing that Jules is there if I need her. This experience has changed my life and I recommend her to everyone. I feel better, I look better and I feel more confident about wearing different clothes. I am finally free, free to be the person I want to be. Thank you Jules!”
    Mrs Cinq
    (Reviewed on Trustpilot)
  • “Literally blown away! After doing every diet and trend going I’ve never managed to get my weight under control….or even attempt to fix my relationship with food. Well….along came Jules, she is truly astonishing! I was sceptical at first but my results speak for themselves…..Angel Fare programme completed with 1stone 5lbs lighter and a massive 18.5 inches lost…..forever! Absolutely life changing… would be insane to not make contact with Jules…..”
    Tina Westlake
    (Reviewed on Trustpilot)