Trouble Sleeping?

Trouble Sleeping?

You may be wondering why on a makeup and skincare website I am talking about having trouble sleeping? It’s not an unrelated thought. Let me explain…

If you are a regular reader you will understand that at OTB we promote a 360 degree (I think the correct description is “holistic”), approach to good health and wellbeing. This is because what you choose to put into your digestive system and onto your skin will have good or bad effects. Now, with the best will in the world we all eat, drink, do things which are not 100% beneficial for us, so imagine how your body and skin will react if you are also not getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep directly affects the moisture levels in your skin. Even worse, it may also lower your skin’s pH levels, which is why you look tired, less youthful and have less of “a glow”.

I know you are busy and a skincare routine is not at the top of your priority list but if you do anything, it is better for you to be uber strict about keeping to your skincare regime especially at night…because any cream or oil you choose to apply at night is said to be 30% more effective than if you apply it in the morning. Also, sleep is nourishment for your body, brain and skin.This is when your skin cells renew. Apparently, your clever brain gets rid of 60% more toxins when you sleep!

If you have noticed that your skin has become drier recently, ( Dry skin is not able to produce the moisture it needs. Lack of sleep means your pH levels in your skin have dropped and is why it is important to balance the pH Levels to a slightly more acidic level which will keep moisture in and bacteria out. To help you rebalance, try spritzing with OTB’s Organic Rose Petal Water
If you follow with our renowned Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil your skin will get an additional protective layer as well as deep nourishment to help encourage new skin cells to retain lipids which holds the moisture in your skin mantle, while you sleep!

You are probably overtired because you go to bed late, you are then restless through the night yet still need to wake up early. This may mean you start to see dark circles develop under your eyes. Lack of sleep will cause your blood vessels to dilate, which is the primary cause of dark circles. Apply chilled pads of cotton wool soaked in OTB’s Organic Witch Hazel Spritzer (DO NOT get this in your eyes- it WILL sting!) The added bonus is, it is skin tightening too as well as helping those dark circles. Regular usage of witch hazel also reduces puffiness of eyes too. OTB’s Organic Witch Hazel is a natural astringent. It reduces inflammation, swelling, and discolouration. It will also shrink swollen blood vessels and improve circulation. (The gallic acid, catechins, flavonoids, choline, and saponins in witch hazel is how it will help to lighten your dark circles.)

For those who do, not surprisingly, you will get more sleep by not smoking or drinking before bed. Alcohol is known to be a REM sleep inhibitor. It will also stop you from your normal get up and go functionality in the morning and will play havoc with your skin making it dry, sallow and crepey. This is perhaps a far cry from when you used to awake feeling rested with your skin glowing ready to start a new day?

No w to exercise! – We especially recommend this between the hours of 5pm an 7pm to help you get your “shut eye”. This is because working out releases endorphins that help release you will be tired and ready to get your “jimmers” on!

So, it goes without saying because your skin is the largest organ in your body…it weighs approximately 16% of our entire body weight!…it is also where you will notice when your system isn’t functioning properly. Dry, flakey, dull skin or even the joy of acne prone breakouts…whichever jewel of a skin issue is yours will be present for all to see! Getting enough sleep (for you – we are all different and it is likely you will already have the number of hours in your head which is your “optimum sleep target”), will actively benefit your skin.

We have briefly looked at the issues not getting enough sleep can bring. I have suggested a couple of very simple, natural but effective tonics to directly help associated could also try our wonderfully effective Eye Love Serum to help keep in moisture and help dark circles, especially suitable for more mature skin.

Finally, did you know that probably one of the best solutions to getting your sleep patterns back on track is …Massage!

Research has proven: “Regular massage sessions have been found to decrease depression and anxiety levels and improve sleep quality, perhaps because they trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel calm.”

Or, if it is pain that is stopping you sleeping, massage may be able to help again: ” Not only can a body rub bring stress levels down, but it may also help ease pain. In fact, people with low back pain who had 30-minute massage sessions twice a week for five weeks reported a decrease in pain and fewer sleep disturbances. This may be due to the fact that massage encourages more time spent in the deep, restorative stages of sleep, where your body hardly moves”

So , if you really are struggling to kick start those good habit sleeping patterns, try the above and then perhaps book an Outsidthebox Full Body Swedish Massage

Like we said earlier…We have a 360 degree approach to health and wellbeing at Outsidethebox. We look forward to being part of your natural sleep solution soon!

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