It’s HOT to use our HEALTHY Makeup!

It’s HOT to use our HEALTHY Makeup!

You try to stay healthy right? But does this apply to your makeup too? If you think makes sense doesn’t it?

Before we get onto why our products are super beneficial for your skin here’s OTB’s Daily skincare regime…from a holistic, 360 degrees perspective that is:

1. Wake up to a glass of lemon water…”EAU2″(water) is good for you and natural lemon juice is full of vitamin C! Helpful Hint: If your stomach reacts sometimes to acidity…go easy on the lemon but fresh lemon should bring your body back into a state of alkalinity- which means it boosts your immune system. Otherwise you can enjoy this liver boosting detox either hot or cold. Simply boil some water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon right in there!

hot and healthy lemon tea

2. Make sure you exercise daily! Your body is a great self healer but it is so important to keep everything moving. Your lymphatic system, and the blood flow in our veins, relies on the movement of the body and the pumping action of the muscles and skeletal system to maintain a number of body functions. You don’t have to join a gym…just make sure you walk! You could make as many trips as you like upstairs and downstairs in a day. In an odd way being forgetful and having to go upstairs twice rather than once may mean your heart will stay healthier! Lack of exercise will create stagnation and toxic build-up in the liver. Makes sense if you keep things moving your body will love you! Also, if you allow yourself to get too stagnant this allows breakouts to become more frequent.

exercis, keep moving

3. EAT! Your body and brain ( and your soul) need fuel to work efficiently and help you feel good. ALWAYS TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK! There is so much advice about these days do some nutrition research and find foods that you like and are good for you…we are all different!

eat healthy veggies fruits

4. See daylight! It is really important- especially if you are an indoor or shift worker to get your daily dose of daylight. Now we don’t mean go and sit in the hot sun for hours ( which will age your skin rapidly or get sunburnt..we mean enjoy the daylight. Why? ….When the sun’s UV-B rays hit the skin, a reaction takes place that enables skin cells to manufacture vitamin D.
(Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth.)

dayllight, vitamin D
5. Relax! When was the last time you had some “You Time”? You could sign up for a Yoga class, read a book or just lay on the floor and close your eyes. Its a great way to de-stress and “centre” yourself. Your body will thank you.


6. Smile and give a friend a hug…Research shows that hugging, laughing and smiling are very effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress! And its all FREE!!! Apparently a good deep hug is nurturing to the soul! It also builds trust and a sense of safety. Give yourself a daily D O S E of Dopamine, Oxcytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins by:
– Exercising
– Laughing
– Listening to Music
– Meditating
– Eating chocolate
– Eating hot peppers
– Drinking alcohol

The last three are all within recommended limits of course! ( Intelligent moderation is key!±)give someone a hug

7. Now for the best bit in our opinion!

Our Outsidethebox “Healthy Makeup Kit” is a must for making your skin happy.. and you too! The combination of good for your skin, 100% natural healing makeup- which also acts as a skin treatment for those with skin issues, will be a Masterstroke get your glow  back kitfinishing touch to help you “Get Your Glow Back”

Benefits of OTB’s Get your Glow Back! Skin Repair Kit

Especially for women, skin can be different on a daily basis. Whatever overall skin type you have, sometimes it will be more or less oily or dry or a combination of these is very possible for example for an oily skin type to have surface dryness…it all comes down to: is your skin actually “dry”( ..a lack of oil or lipids from a hormone imbalance perhaps or an inherited skin type) or “dehydrated” ( lack of water or moisture in the stratum corneum which is the top layer of skin).”

Our Mineral Foundation

This has been made with extra Allantoin mixed with healing Zinc Oxide..we have literally combined our concealers and foundation into one super effective healing pot of mineral based goodness!
Jojoba and Vitamin E oil

Jojoba oil, which naturally resembles skin’s sebum, hydrates your dry skin and guards it from infection.Fatty acids in this liquid wax will penetrate deep into the skin and reduce swelling, redness of the skin by its anti-inflammatory properties. It gives instant relief from itching and dryness. Non-comedogenic property of jojoba oil unblocks skin pores and enhances healthy functioning of the skin.
Masterstroke Illuminators: 

These add the finishing Masterstroke touch to your makeup! If you look radiant you will feel radiant! They contain Apricot Kernel Oil – which contains Vitamins A and E. These slow the ageing process. They are light and easily absorbed into the skin and make a great facial moisturiser.
Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a very stable oil with high anti–oxidant properties and natural ultra violet protection. Used in high end anti ageing products. Also extends the shelf life of a product and is beneficial to the environment when grow as a crop.

Masterstrokes mean your skin looks beautiful and you get extra protection from damaging ultra violet light too! They also help repair damaged skin and improve cellular communication…that’s why we call them Makeup Masterstrokes!!Simply add a dab to wherever you want the light to fall on your face with your finger and blend out lightly with your kabuki(fluffy) brush.

On a daily basis you can combine one, two or three of these super healing products..the intelligent makeup choice is yours to vary and decide as you ( or your skin) needs and is our final suggestion to help you “Get your Glow Back”!

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