This 60 second read will show you how to improve the function of YOUR Lymphatic System

This 60 second read will show you how to improve the function of YOUR Lymphatic System

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If your Lymphatic System is not working well it will not be able to help you overcome issues like Digestive Disorder and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
A good functioning Lymphatic System will increase your resilience to all and every disease you are likely to encounter in your life.
An efficient Lymphatic System can help to rid the body of toxins, decrease the body’s stress response and boost blood and Lymphatic circulation and oxygenation in the body.

You can help it by these simple steps!

Exercise regularly…”movement is life”
Use stress reduction techniques (massage is aways good!)
Perspire daily!
Start dry brushing your skin…This stimulates natural healing, facilitates detoxification, stimulates the lymphatic system,
exfoliates and invigorates
and literally…Feels Fabulous!!
Eat an anti -inflammatory diet ( Lots of veg and drink plenty of water cut down drastically on refined sugar too…It’s a good start!)
Hydrate! ( Drink 200 mls of water** every (waking) hour – this is your minimum.

**Lemon or Lime infused water is best….
These will:
Boost the immune system
Balance the pH of your body
Will help your organs to flush out toxins
will act as a blood purifier
and is also excellent to promote weight loss!

Breathe more slowly…take only 6 deep breaths per minute…breathe in for 4 secs hold for 4 secs and then breathe out for 4 secs. (The average is 12-18 breaths per minute)

So, these were just a few easy to implement and it could save you a lifetime of further pain and feeling sluggish. ( Oh and don’t forget to book your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage too and you will feel on top the world in no time!)