The True Value of Hypnosis?

The True Value of Hypnosis?

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As the momentum builds up faster and faster towards Christmas I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all on the value of Hypnosis as a gift. And to demonstrate this I am going to tell you a story. In fact two stories in one.

I remember when I was a young teenager I had been ill over a period of years when I was growing up. I had Nephritis from when I was 11 years old (Kidney disease). As well as this, our Doctor was treating me for a stomach ulcer which meant it hurt when I ate and it hurt when I didn’t eat. So I had pain in my back and pain in my stomach. I was painfully thin too. My skin had a purplish yellow undertone like I had been beaten up and there were lots of bruises. Then, at 14 because I had been sick so many times and was in agony,I was rushed to hospital where I had my Gall Bladder removed. (It wasn’t an ulcer I had.) I was told by the Surgeon in the BRI Bristol, I had the dubious honour of being the youngest person in the South West to have their entire gall bladder out. Oh joy.That was my body. My mind was also messed up.

We lived on a council estate in Bristol. My dad too had been ill since the war when he’d been in Sanatorium in North Wales called Penmaenmawyr, with TB. He had pancreatitis, thrombosis and was a type 1 diabetic which meant he needed two insulin injections a day. I couldn’t remember him ever being well for years. Also, because my sister is 13 years older than me, as my mum had me when she was 42 years old meant I always (irrationally) felt I was a mistake!

Despite not being wealthy in any way my mum and dad loved us dearly and had life aspirations for their daughters. years before me, my sister Angela won a scholarship to Colston Girls’ School in the centre of Bristol. And, although sickly I too was coached by my primary school Head Teacher Mr Burns, who had this amazing handlebar moustache and yet receding hair line! He was on a mission to bring private education to the masses and did private tutoring for me and a young boy called Derek Wall, who went to Bristol Cathedral School after passing the entrance exam. My scholarship was to Red Maid’s School in Westbury on Trym Bristol.

Can you imagine the mixed messages I had in my young impressionable mind? Mixed because I am living on a council estate and yet going to a “posh” school. I had second hand uniform and as a day girl had to walk through Hartcliffe ( a poor council estate) to get the first of two buses to get me two and from school. Monday to Friday. It was an hour and a half journey both to and from school. I always tried to do my “prep” on the bus on my way home. My uniform and satchel were laughed at a lot and my friends from primary school didn’t want to play with me anymore at weekends and my posh friends parents from Red Maids didn’t want to bring their children to Hartcliffe to sleep over at weekend either. I was excruciatingly lonely. I used to spend hours looking out my bedroom window, looking at the lights of Bristol because we lived on a hill, and crying my eyes out.

Now fast forward if you will to 2003. I have a beautiful family, a husband of 24 years (we married in 1979). We are so proud of our son Charlie (Just 20) and Kate (16). Everything was good. Then one night Charlie went to drive to see his girlfriend in Bristol and we never saw him again. He was killed in a car accident on the way. He had passed his driving test only a couple of weeks before. This tragedy had repercussions on all of us I couldn’t even had imagined.

I am sharing these life stories for a reason. The reason is this. I tried all of the therapy counselling and coaching for many years. Because Charlie’s passion and innate talent was music..he played cello and all forms of guitar, we set up, with the help of some good caring folk a Charity to help young musicians in schools in North Somerset. The Charlie Derrick Music Foundation lasted 10 years and on a part time volunteer basis we raised £50,000 for this cause. Nothing helped my pain.

So twice in my life I suffered hurt and agony, guilt and loss and all the feelings in between. I can only truly say that my mind is at rest now through the power of Hypnosis.
Hypnosis works where other modalities fail, Hypnosis works to help unlock and release you from the prison you mind has kept you in.

So that my friends is why I put to you..What if…an Hypnosis session is the best present you could give or receive?

After this, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t include the link to my e-vouchers…Here it is:


Please note: if you put this on your Christmas list that’s fine or ask others for this gift that’s fine. If you buy a voucher for someone else and they may not be as keen to do Hypnosis the vouchers may be redeemed against my other look Good, Feel Good services or hand crafted mineral makeup and skincare products.