Skin issues?  Can Skintellect help?

Skin issues? Can Skintellect help?

Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare was created with a mission to help anyone but especially people with skin issues, to wear makeup.

Our makeup products are based around Minerals. These pigments are the nearest to “natural” makeup possible and have been consistently documented to be actively good for skin. They contain Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Allantoin which means our Natural Mineral Foundations have been designed with active antibacterial and skin regenerating ingredients. They will over time improve the quality of your skin and they contain natural sunblocking ingredients too. They really are a skin treatment and makeup in one! Their slow oil absorbing properties are very beneficial for acne sufferers, yet they are also good for people with dry skin as they won’t strip your skin of moisture. Makeup and skincare is after all, about balance.

In today’s society we are ceaselessly judged by others. Our appearance is one of the first things to be assessed. First impressions..3 seconds is all it takes, is exactly that. Pushing past this is more difficult for some of us than others. It’s not just what we wear or how our hair is dressed, we are also, often subconsciously, judged on how our skin looks.

Whatever your skin tone or ethnicity, especially in women, clear, flawless, even-toned skin is acknowledged to be the “holy grail” of looking good. So, what if our hormones dictate pimples, our DNA produces a skin irregularity or disease or even our lifestyle choice decides to reflect itself in all glory in our skin? (By this we mean a bad diet, life stress, smoking and alcohol.) These all take their toll on this most delicate of membranes.

The potentially damaging psychological effects of having a skin issue or skin disease tend to be underestimated. Just think of a teenager you know who is suffering from persistent acne. Or a friend or family member who has extensive psoriasis or eczema. It can be socially debilitating. Sadly, the person may become the target for bullying. Consequently, the individual’s body image perception may devalue. They may feel because of the way their skin looks people do not want to mix with them socially. In face some skin issues such as Psoriasis or Eczema may worsen if the individual is stressed. This may be helpful for the individual to recognise and acknowledge otherwise the situation will continue to worsen.

At Outsidethebox we cannot cure skin issues. We seek to alleviate them and propose natural topical solutions which may help to lessen symptoms and keep flare ups in check. If you are going to a family social gathering or an important business event- you know Outsidethebox will help you face the situation with extra confidence. We like to think we offer “intelligent skincare”…this is how our Skintellect product set was created.

Skintellect is a group of tried and tested Outsidethebox skincare products. It comprises of:

Night Treatment

Mineral Concealer

Genius Serum

(These are presented on a beautiful wooden plinth so you can keep them together, with two brushes to help with application)

It must be stressed that if you are taking medication from your Doctor, using Outsidethebox Makeup and Skincare should not interfere with this in any way. Our products are so gentle so we suggest you use them in conjunction with your prescribed emollients or topical steroids. (Unless you have been advised by your Doctor NOT to use any thing else!)

Often people, (predominantly women but some men), come to Outsidethebox because they would like to wear makeup to cover their condition but find that due to their skin issue when they try, their skin erupts even more or the makeup sits in the scaley, dry patches, comedones or scars and looks even worse.

A Mineral Makeup Masterclass with our founder Jules, will show you how to get the best from our products. She will help you to select the best products for you skin and skin tone as well as give you tips and tricks on how to get the best out of the products for your specific needs.

It may be that a course of Natural Facial Treatments may also be just what the Doctor would like to order but couldn’t? They are good for you skin as well as give you a sense of restoration and relaxation away from the stress and strains of life. They are super too to give you or someone you know a lovely luxurious, indulgent treat too of course!

So, if this sounds familiar to you or someone you know who could benefit…why not get in touch and let us give you some Free advice, by email , text, phone or Skype prior to booking your consultation or buying our products?

Not only that but from 18th to 31st December from 2pm to 5pm, Outsidethebox is offering FREE facials** to anyone who is nominated who has a skin issue or needs a little oasis of restoration and rejuvenation if perhaps they have gone through a very hard event in their life or they are a carer and so a little pampering would help say thank you to them? There is no catch! These ( 1 a day) are absolutely free and its our way of giving this Christmas time. So, if you or you know anyone who would benefit wht not get in touch now?

Contact Jules on 07545 857751 0r email

Have a lovely Festive Season everyone…. let’s spread the message of skin based goodness and happiness together?!

** These will all take place at our Somerset based Studio BS248DZ