6 ways to use Makeup for Skin Camouflage

6 ways to use Makeup for Skin Camouflage

Thank you for taking the time to visit Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics. I am a makeup artist. You may think this is a very superficial and even fickle career? Far from it! Personally, my belief in makeup comes from this mantra: “Makeup? its not just a beauty thing”

I have worked on all sorts of makeups, from decorative (beauty and bridal) to fashion, fantasy, film, drag queen/king and skin camouflage. I specialise in doing makeovers on people of all ages who have skin or confidence issues. I have a holistic approach to looking good.

My driving passion is the feeling I get when I help clients whose confidence has been affected by how their skin looks. That may be from an inherited birthmark, a skin trauma, acne scarring or simply blemishes and age spots.

I decided create a brand of cosmetics that could traverse all of these paths…so, welcome to Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics.


I have helped clients with Rosacea, Vitiligo, Acne scarring. Hyper/Hypopigmentation, tissue scarring as a result of trauma or surgery, skin grafts, solar lentigo and any sort of blemishes…etc etc etc. Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics have a special lustre which gives the face a lovely glow, producing a healthy youthful appearance to blemishes, aged skin or sufferers of Rosacea. However, I am also fully qualified in using the large established, prescription based brands for SkinCamouflage and the pictures I have on this blog demonstrate these products.


I have helped Brides and Bridesmaids cover tattoos that they still love but don’t want to appear in lifelong photos of their special day as well as do their makeup. Outsidethebox healthy mineral-cosmetics are water based but also can be set with water! I cry at the drop of a hat when things get too emotional, so I can personally testify as to the cosmetics’ longevity despite tears!



I have also helped Brides, Bridesmaids and Prom Queens who despite having acne blemishes or scarring on their backs have chosen a backless dress for their big occasion. Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics are non comedogenic. This means it will not clog pores. In both adolescent and adult acne, blocked pores get infected and this is when break outs and black heads are formed. Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics are healing and give superb coverage which will last all day and into the evening.


It’s fair to say that some of our life’s actions may not have always been in our skin’s best interest. Resolve to make a fresh start from whatever has had an effect on our skin is a step in the right direction. However, most conditions can be easily be camouflaged to boost confidence. A one off consultation where I teach you the right colour combinations to cover scarring is money well spent to help you embrace the future.


As we get older, working women especially need to feel confident longer ( make of that what you will!?) We now need to work to age 66 or 67 until pensions kick in. We need to assert experience over youth as a valuable workplace commodity. I believe Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics will help you keep great skin for longer. It is not anti-ageing but they do have considerable skin benefits:


Traditional makeup uses preservatives like parabens, chemical dyes (lakes) and fragrances. These can all cause skin irritation. Traditional makeup also contains fillers, which do not enhance the product in any way- they simply add bulk. In our products each ingredient is there for a reason!


Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics contain no oils, fragrances or preservatives that can aggravate acne prone skin. Mineral-cosmetics are also recommended after plastic surgery!

If you have any form of skin condition, or even if you simply seek to do good things for your skin to protect it from life’s process, you can rest assured Outsidethebox healthy mineral-cosmetics will only add to you reaching a stage where you feel better about your skin issue and how it makes you feel…or help prevention from having a skin issue in the future!

I will be adding pictures and blogs on a weekly basis to demonstrate my passion that make up is not just about how it makes you look but how it makes you FEEL .

We hope you enjoy your voyage of discovery about Outsidethebox mineral-cosmetics. If you have any questions please get in touch at info@outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk and we will do our best to answer your questions speedily and in confidence.


Jules Derrick

Founder of Outsidethebox Mineral-Cosmetics.