Weight Release Audio Power Pack – Helpful Hypnotherapy

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Inside of this audio power pack, you discover how to fast and easy change your self-talk, which means you can change your shape and size for life.

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“If you want to consistently lose weight and keep it off, the only sustainable way to do it inside of your busy lifestyle is to have your tools for change available whenever you have the time to use them.**

Over years of working with clients, it was clear that those who saw the greatest results the fastest were the ones who got creative about practising self-hypnosis.

Most of us haven’t got access to a full-time chef, personal trainer or the best plastic surgeon money can buy to help shape the body of our dreams. And it’s not only a case of being cash-expensive, all that stuff is time-expensive too.

Many of us could probably write books on what we should be eating, and yet our resolve fails us time and time again.

This Power Hour Audio Pack is a CONVENIENT, affordable, and easily sustained system designed to give you the support and strength to make the transformation you seek in the most health-inducing way, which better still, is individually targeted to specific times of day, to give you the easily accessed, consistent support to help you step into the shape, size and physiology you’re ready to enjoy.

MY DAY-TIMED COMPARTMENT AUDIOS allow a person to access their on-call hypnotherapist :
– As you Wake up to your Day
( Put the alarm on just 10 minutes earlier).
– At some Mealtimes
(The ones where you choose to take your time to eat).
– At Bedtime
(Listening through headphones gives the best experience).

-And when you have “you time”
Start your journey to weight-release success with your Forward Momentum audio. Because this is about ending the weight-led struggle by emotionally internalizing the right way to build the body you want. No will power required. Then, learn how to easily create automatic triggers to zap cravings with your Positive Anchor and Mantra audio.

These powerful audios will help you to focus on building the body you want instead of trying to fix the body you don’t want.

One of the biggest reasons a person who is trying to lose weight and achieve happiness and FAILS time after time, is self-sabotage, discover how to manifest the changes you seek so that you never go back.


It’s like having me in your pocket whenever you need a helping hand to hypnotically create and embed new behaviours to transform your life so that you can live your life inside the body of your dreams and jump off that diet Merry-go-Round forever. Sound Good!?

**(Never listen to these while driving or operating machinery!)

Your Positive Anchor and Mantra    13.32mins
( If you are stuck this will break the struggle.)

Wake-up-to-your-day Hypnosis   10.30mins
(Take just a  few minutes to transform your entire day!)

Genius How to Manifest Your Desired Weight      9.30mins
(Learn how to Fast and Easy Manifest your Healthy shape and size)

Mealtime Hypnosis
(Your on-call hypnotist in your pocket at meal times)

Hunker Down Bedtime Hypnosis    13.00mins
( Set the scene to sleep and dream just before you go to sleep.)   


( because you know  what to do – you just aren’t doing it.)

REMEMBER: Listen to this one first so that you take action without having to motivate yourself.

THESE AUDIOS WILL POWER UP your chosen weight-release efforts AS AND WHEN YOU NEED THEM. It’s like having your on-call wingwoman hypnotherapist in your pocket, whenever you need it.

These audios not only help you lose weight….you will also feel emotionally lighter and happier!

REPETITION IS THE KEY, which means you can easily take back control of your eating habits to get off the diet merry-go-round forever.

Inside of this audio power pack, you discover how to fast and easy change your self-talk, which means you can change your shape and size for life.

Because as soon as you learn how to focus on what you WANT. Your “how” effortlessly, sub-consciously, falls into place.