Hop into your Hypnosis for Weight Release


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Diets work on the body..but not the mind….

By passing down images of a slim, trim, healthy happy you below the level of conscious awareness, your subconscious will do all it can to make those images come true. You will achieve success but you must give it time. It’s important to reinforce those messages by repeating the track daily for 16 days. If you miss a day – don’t even worry about it – just hop on again.

If you have tried but you haven’t succeeded in keeping the weight off before because your will power let you down, understand it is proven in the battle between willpower and imagination..your imagination will always win.

Self Hypnosis will help you enhance your imagination which is probably the most wonderful and creative aspect of your deep mind.


The following track for weight release may provide varying degrees of help depending on your core cause for overeating. If you encounter subconscious resistance you may need a private session. However, this track will help whether or not you feel a private session is needed.


  1. Hermione T

    This track is lovely to listen to. I have lost half a stone so far and am eating healthier…I just seem to be eating less!

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