Hop into your Hypnosis for Stopping Smoking


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Perhaps you have made or have you perhaps almost made, the decision to stop smoking? You are feeling a little daunted because you know there will be many temptations ahead, so perhaps you could do with a helping hand?
Start to use this track regularly. Because the mind learns by repetition, so by repeatedly listening to the audios’ powerful words and messages, you will rewire your mind for remarkable, positive change.

Starting NOW..your determination rises to live everyday fully and smoking will become less and less important. Each and every time you say no to a cigarette you will feel good and strong. It’s like winning one battle after the other. The feeling of no longer being a slave to a cigarette no longer haunts you. This track will help you to STOP smoking by helping release you from that old self destructive habit as well as helping you to rewire your mind for remarkable, positive change below the level of conscious awareness.

Remember! Repetition is key! I recommend you listen to this track daily for two weeks then, to reinforce the message as and when you need to HOP INTO YOUR HYPNOSIS.


  1. Erimal B

    I started smoking again about six weeks ago after twelve years of stopping due to a family situation. I listened to the recording and I have stopped again! I am going to use it in any weaker moments from now on!

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