Hop into your Hypnosis for Self Esteem


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Self confidence should be a natural state for humans shouldn’t it? But sometimes, this may be absent or compromised due to life experiences. Our inner voice controls a lot of how we feel about ourselves. Negative thinking patterns can lead to low self confidence and low self esteem. The goal of hypnosis is to repair the mind and re-teach the subconscious to be a supportive, rather than negative partner. This track will take you below the level of conscious awareness to help you effortlessly make the changes you need.

You may or you may not have heard about the power of Mantras: You became what you say out loud! Do it it works! Here are some personal ones I use: TOP TIP: Make your own for YOU. they will resonate more! 

“Every time I relax and concentrate I become a stronger individual which means I am building my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance and self-acceptance.”

“Anytime I might wish to feel more confident I can scrunch up my toes and say: I can do it. I am doing do it. I’m full of life and full of energy. I’m confident. ”

“Every day I develop much more confidence in my ability to do whatever I ought to be able to do. I trust myself. I am poised and serene.” 

“Do not fight negative thoughts. I know they will soon be gone from existence because I know the great depth of my inner strength.”

“When I awake I will feel more confident and in control because I always express myself in a clear and logical way.” 

“Every day I feel much happier and more confident because I feel the need to rely less or depend upon other people.”

Hop into your Hypnosis for Self Esteem anytime , anyplace and start to feel awesome again!


  1. Livvy Y

    Your track is working! So when I feel a negative coming on I shut my eyes and think of the track and then I feel good again! If someone says something negative to me I say to myself “I am a good and thoughtful person and I love myself so nothing else matters”.

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