Hop into your Hypnosis for Phobias


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A phobia is an extreme anxiety state. Hop into Hypnosis for PHOBIAS will help you to confront the unconfrontable.

There is no logical basis in the rational mind for the phobia. The source of the phobia is often traumatic but it is the restoration or the habit pattern that is keeping the phobia in place.

Common phobias include: Fear of heights, open spaces, cats, dogs, snakes, spiders, flying, being sick, public speaking or dentistry to name just a few.

In this track Jules offers you a combination of Hypnotic suggestions and Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation) which was developed by Robert Smith as an evolution of Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, which emerged in the 1990s. … This means that we as individuals have the power to transform the way we deal emotionally with challenges in our life.

Whilst these techniques will help to flatten your phobia, should you feel your specific phobia would benefit from Hypnosis on a one to one basis please do contact me to discuss.


  1. Georgie C

    I have had a phobia of sick since I was really young. I couldn’t bear to be in a room or near anyone who was being sick. I don’t drink alcohol or go into places where it is being served as i am afraid someone will be sick. After listening to you to track I just feel so calm even when I just think about any of those situations. Thank you!

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