Hop into Hypnosis for Pain Management


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Our subconscious has a greater effect on our everyday lives than most of us realise. However, we are often deaf to its voice as it is drowned out by the demands of our daily lives. Often, we do things that we know are not great for our mind and body. Our subconscious, unconscious, deep mind understands and tries to tell us but is not heard. Under hypnosis this internal “voice” becomes clearly audible and through hypnotic states, suggestion will in turn facilitate us to achieve the goals that underpin our true desires. Self Hypnosis techniques have an incredible record in helping with pain management.

The beauty of “Hop into Hypnosis for Pain Management” is that you can go into it almost anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Listen with in ear headphones at the dentist for example…Repetition is key to effective Self Hypnosis so having a handy toolkit at your finger tips means you can fit this easily into your busy schedule.

Should you be interested in an online session to help with specific issues, please don’t be shy and feel free to Contact Me.


  1. Sheila B

    Thank you so much for this track Jules! My brain is telling me there is no need to feel pain! So, whatever it did my subconscious seems to have engaged with already.

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