“Get Your Glow Back” Skin Repair Kit

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The individual products are now sold separately here:

Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil
Healing Foundation
Mineral Masterstroke
Kabuki Brush

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The “Get Your Glow Back” Skin Repair Kit contains:

1 x Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil
1 x Healing Foundation
1 x Mineral Masterstroke
1 x Kabuki Brush

Benefits of OTB’s Get your Glow Back! Skin Repair Kit

(Individually this set of products RRP is £54.00 – you save £9!)

Especially for women, our skin is different daily. Whatever overall skin type you have, sometimes it will be more or less oily or dry. Sometimes it will be more or less a combination of types and it is very possible, for example, for an oily skin type to have surface dryness – it all comes down to whether your skin is actually “dry” (a lack of oil or lipids from a hormone imbalance perhaps or an inherited skin type) or “dehydrated” (lack of water or moisture in the stratum corner which is the top layer of skin).”

On a daily basis you can combine one, two or three of these super healing products… the intelligent makeup choice is yours to vary and decide as you (or your skin) needs.

Healing Foundation

This has been made with extra Allantoin mixed with healing Zinc Oxide. We have literally combined our concealers and foundation into one super effective healing pot of mineral based goodness! Apply directly with either a damp Kabuki brush (for an even more opaque coverage), or a dry Kabuki brush…this gives a lighter, photographic finish, or for blemish prone skin mix with a little Jojoba and Vitamin E oil and apply as a blend with either a cosmetic sponge or the Kabuki brush.

It is no coincidence our Healing Foundations have been named after Goddesses but which complementary skin tone best suits your inner Goddess?

ADIKIA – For very fair to fair skin tones

APHRODITE – For fair, medium fair, neutral skin tones

ATHENA – For warm to medium skin tones

ATLANTA – For Mediterranean skin tones

AURORA – For skin that is already tanned

Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil

Jojoba oil, which naturally resembles skin’s sebum, hydrates your dry skin and guards it from infection. Fatty acids in this liquid wax will penetrate deep into the skin and reduce swelling, redness of the skin by its anti-inflammatory properties. It gives instant relief from itching and dryness. Non-comedogenic property of jojoba oil unblocks skin pores and enhances healthy functioning of the skin.

Masterstroke Illuminators:

These add the finishing Masterstroke touch to your makeup! If you look radiant you will feel radiant! They contain Apricot Kernel Oil – Contains Vitamins A and E which slow the ageing process. They are light and easily absorbed into skin. and makes a great facial moisturiser. Meadowfoam Seed Oil a very stable oil with high anti–oxidant properties and natural ultra violet protection. Used in high end anti ageing products. Also extends the shelf life of a product and is beneficial to the environment when grow as a crop.

Your skin looks beautiful and you get extra protection from damaging ultraviolet light too! They also help repair damaged skin and improve cellular communication… that’s why we call them Makeup Masterstrokes!! Simply add a dab to wherever you want the light to fall on your face with your finger and blend out lightly with your kabuki brush.

Choose between Peach or Golden colours.


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Foundation Colour


Masterstroke Colour



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