Angel Fare: A Hypnotic Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Peace to Weigh Less


Available in paperback and Kindle versions.

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Have years of yo-yo dieting and fad diets left you numb?
Have you given up on weighing less or ever getting to the shape and size you want to be again and so deserve?
Have you lost your confidence and self-esteem socially, at work, in retirement and in your relationships because you hate who is staring back at you in the mirror?

Angel Fare is here to help. In this book, you will enjoy fast, easy, tried, and proven hypnotic techniques to help a person weigh less emotionally and physically. The past may not be changed and yet a person may re-shape their future by their actions in the present moment.

By reading this book you will identify with the past mistakes of old, outdated, perhaps not-so-healthy food habits so that you will understand the secrets to change. Know that the “mind-body-gut” connection is the full 360 degree secret to feeling satisfaction with your body shape and size.

Self-influence is both conscious and subconscious. You will learn quick, easy-to-do tips and tricks to reset a sluggish metabolism to help you burn that stubborn excess-to-healthy-requirements, fat. Healthy eating guidance is a natural bonus when your brain clicks into stop cravings mode, naturally and hypnotically.

This book succeeds in switching a light onto the Altars of Weigh-Less. You will meet your inner Angels.

When a person reads this book, your life-long season ticket to the diet merry-go-round will have expired. This book hypnotically travels you to the altars of behavioural change in your eating habits so that you get to live your life in the body you want and deserve for good. These fast and easy self-influence techniques lead you to a journey of self-discovery and inner peace to weigh less. It is the food of Angels, a far cry from the diet devils of your past.

What people are saying

“Thank you for giving me the tools to make positive changes. I needed a new approach to losing weight. You’ve helped me to feel better about myself. You’re an inspiration…” – Lauren

“I’ve lost 8lb so far… this is amazing! I feel better, and so do my clothes. …I was skeptical, but I saw how it worked for others, and I’m so glad I did.” – Sally

“Blown away! After doing every diet and trend going, I’ve never managed to get my weight under control….or even attempt to fix my relationship with food. …2 stone 7 lb lighter and a massive 22.5 inches lost…..forever! Absolutely life-changing!” – Talula

“I would have never gotten into that bridesmaid dress without your help this year. So thank you so much!” – Rose

“I am satisfied sooner. I’m faster fuller, which means I enjoy food positively, make healthy and nice choices, and feel happy about eating right.” – Teresa

“Jules has changed my life. I started my journey 2 months ago and I’ve lost 14 inches of fat from my body; I now feel enthused and energized. Jules has taken the woo out of hypnotherapy and replaced it with the WOW. Thank you so much for being my guide.” – Lucy

“I understand more about hormone participation and listening to my body, which tells me exactly which amounts will feel good… this lady knows what she’s talking about! Thank you, Jules. You and your weigh-less Angel Fare protocols are jewels that I treasure.” – Judith