Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy Massage


Our pre and post natal massage is a specialist massage therapy that can help you through all of the physical and emotional adaptions felt by both first time and experienced mums during and after their pregnancy.

Choose from a one off pre baby boost or a continuous treatment package. (Either options can be sent as an e-gift voucher) Our specialist massage therapy individual treatments or packages can be done from weeks 14 to 40. (This may also be continued postpartum, if required.) Your massage therapy will provide physical comfort, relief from aches and pains, relaxation and peace of mind before your busy times ahead!

Massage has been shown to ease:

Depressed moods, anxiety and pain. It improves circulation, soothes the nervous system, gives the immune system a boost, reduces swelling and promotes the hormone oxytocin which can help you birth and breastfeed your baby. This is why I recommend the courses if doable for you as the positive effects are cumulative for both you and the baby.

Massaged mothers “had significantly shorter labour and less postpartum depression” **

** Labour Pain is reduced by Massage Therapy Journal of Psychosomatic Obster Gynaecol, 18 (40:286-91, December 1997

Our approach is preventative, and personalised. Massage is considered to be very beneficial in reducing emotional and physical stress experienced during and post pregnancy.


One hour pre/post natal massage  –  £45

Packages are available at reduced rates for weekly treatments, paid monthly in advance, please contact me to discuss your personalised requirements. Individual payment packages can be agreed if required.