Phoenix Performance Hypnosis for Businesses




Are you looking for new time efficient and effective ways to increase employee motivation, improve work performance, increase ROI and support and reward your employees?

If you are a business owner, my unique, hypnotic Feel Good, Work Good, Workplace Hypnosis, “MasterMind Resets,” are therapeutic audios individually created for employees who need a work focused mind-led boost and employers who like to lead through innovation in employee retention.


This unique approach to employee wellbeing begins with an employee’s own personal online hypnotherapy session with Jules Derrick (Professional ICBCH Hypnotherapist), where they can discuss their work based stress or anxiety.

From this 1-2-1 online consultation Jules will design a specially created, personal hypnosis audio to use anytime, anywhere. Perhaps when Motivation is low, Self Esteem is non existent, Overwhelm or Imposter Syndrome are rearing their ugly heads or they simply want to learn how to be gentle with themselves through deep relaxation and personal healing techniques.

Employees are super busy people who will benefit from a personal, transformational MasterMIND Reset boost. This is a “theirs for a lifetime” therapeutic hypnosis product which they can listen to during in a workplace rest period, at home before bed, in the day as and when they get time to focus and relax, or on their bus, train or plane commute to and from their workplace.

This is one of the easiest, fastest and coolest ways to give a time poor, stressed employee an unforgettable reminder that they are valued and supported at work.

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Just one online consultation* is required to allow the creation of a personalised transformational deep healing audio which means, through a lifetime hypnotic audio, a person will be guided to learn and develop acuity in the areas of health, habits, work/life and personal improvement.

A person will benefit from feeling of restoration, de-stressing and increased work focus, which means they enjoy better work performance and reclaim the stress free work/life balance they absolutely deserve.


MasterMIND Hypnosis Reset Experience

Your personal MasterMIND Reset experience is in two parts: Firstly, enjoy your 1-2-1 personal consultation with Jules (approximately 60 minutes).

From this Jules will create a unique, tailored to you hypnosis audio. This comprises of 3 hypnotic 20 minute learning protocols designed to hypnotically transform the particular stuck state or stressed mindset that a person has not been able to shift themselves.

Introductory price: (£137) £97

Once purchased, Jules will contact you to book a convenient time for your 1-2-1 online consultation. Audios will normally be created within a week from the consultation date.

*Please ensure before buying the MasterMIND Reset Experience you have not been diagnosed or suffer from the following hypnosis contraindications:

  • Pathological personalities.
  • Alcohol or drug psychosis.
  • Senility.
  • Epilepsy and narcolepsy
  • Bi-polar conditions and clinical depressive illnesses or those exhibiting suicidal tendencies.
  • Serious heart conditions may also be contraindicated.

Confidentiality: All matters discussed in our sessions and private conversations remain confidential.

Hypnosis Therapy & Counselling Services:

I understand Jules Derrick is a Professional Hypnosis educator, an energist, and wellbeing coach, not a medical doctor or psychologist, and that she cannot diagnose disease, prescribe, or treat medical conditions or serious disorders. I understand that the private consultation and mp3 I am receiving from Jules Derrick is not a substitute for normal medical care and I have been advised to discuss this procedure with any doctor who is taking care of me now or in the future. Additionally, I should continue any present medical treatment and consult my regular physician for treatment of any new or old illnesses. I am willing to be guided through various methods, including autogenic relaxation, visual imagery, creative visualisation, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and stress reduction processes for the purposes of self-improvement.