Outsidethebox Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Outsidethebox Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Is Hypnosis the tool in your weight loss armoury you have been missing?

Hypnosis can help…whether you have a small or a large amount of unwanted fat to lose.
Recently, I have seen an increase in people coming to me for help with bad eating habits post Lockdown. Hypnosis can help you change your relationship with food.

In my experience, helping people develop a better relationship with food starts with breaking the daily food “trance”. In order to focus inside on what you may need to change with your relationship with food and all and any life led habits that are probably not serving you well for your future health and well being. Before I explain this fully let’s start by asking you to write down what you ate yesterday. And then write down when you ate it and how you were feeling at that time..Does anything stand out to you? Was it a little tricky to actually remember in detail? How many instances were you also doing something else whilst you were eating?

As with any habit you seek to change, you must first identify WHY you do it, by that I mean what the HABIT IS and why you do it? Once you have done that you will become more understanding of your behaviour and subsequently the triggers that make you do it.
Most clients I see have been yo-yo dieting for years . Every Monday ( after bingeing on food or alcohol at weekends), they “start their diet again” on a Monday morning, accompanied by deep depression that their willpower didn’t come through for them…again.

There was a time historically when fat was a sign of wealth. In today’s world it seems to be the opposite of that. These days being bigger than they should be has a big impact on people’s lives. ( Nothing feels as great as thin does.) Now I am not a dietician. I am sure you know far more about dieting than I do. How many of the latest diets crazes have you tried that have failed you once again? You may have lost 5 lbs but then when you stop the “diet” you put it right back on again. Sound familiar?

Think of a baby. When it is hungry. It cries. When it has had enough . It stops feeding. This is the baby’s in built survival mechanism. As we grow, our brains get more involved and we start to become conditioned by our environment. Think how when you were a little kid adults would reward you with food for being good, sweets or cake to make you feel better or to celebrate a happy occasion. That creates a link between sugar and comfort in our minds. Remember as well, when you were told to clear your plate or you wouldn’t get any pudding?..This is just one example of how our natural instinct that we have had enough is clouded by an outside influence.

Diets only change the physical results of our over indulgence..they don’t change our thinking patterns. Without exception, bad eating habits don’t stem from food at all. Our minds and body already know what to do: eat everything in moderation and exercise more. Sounds simple? So, why are we not doing it?

What sort of eater are you?
Broadly there are 6 types of eater:

The I’m “Too Busy” to eat properly….I am a mum. I work full time. I have no time to plan meals. Unfortunately, when you think if you eat less that’s doing you good, you are sadly mistaken..your body’s metabolism will hold onto the fat longer because it thinks you are starving.
The “Sneaky Snacker”..this type eats 3 meals a day and happily doesn’t count that packet of crisps or nuts, or those few squares of chocolate…you get the picture? This is unconscious eating. Hypnosis can help put your conscious mind back in control and banish these bad habits for good.
The “Emotional Eater” Sadness, anger, stress, guilt, grief,reward, happiness, celebration, to calm nerves or simply make you feel better. All of these are “excuses” to eat – even if you are not hungry, often in large portions and as major binges. Resulting in feeling full, bloated, guilty….. and so the destructive cycle continues.
The “Mid Life Crisis Eater” here you have now raised the family, established your work life , just created a perfectly pleasant bubble for yourself. You feel that you have done the hard work and now eating and drinking is your just reward. Coupled with probably less exercise you have created optimum conditions for “middle aged spread” to thrive.
The “Super-Size Me Eater” all around us everyday we are bombarded with calls to “go large” . Advertisers need to stop this marketing trait! It’s adding to the obesity figures. Our portion sizes are generally larger these days too..Go to any antique shop and see the size of the crockery..people used to eat less quantity!
The “Exercise is for Athletes” Eater… Lack of motivation or even understanding why exercise is so beneficial as your scoff down that second Krispy Kreme Doughnut is really the same as burying your head in the proverbial sand.

What type of eater are you? Or are you a bit of all of them? So the premise I suggested previously that your mind and body already knows what to do… i.e. simply eat less and exercise more is not as easy as it sounds is it?

This is where Hypnosis can help.

Before I go on I want you to imagine the changes that losing the excess weight for good is going to make in your life…..take a long as you like to visualise this.

Now, I’d like you to remember a time when you were the shape and size when you felt happy in your own skin. Perhaps this was pre pregnancy?
Perhaps this was at school…or perhaps it was as far back as when your were little…?
Now, I want you to picture a day where there you are a few months, a few years from now and you haven’t done anything towards your weight loss goal…how does this make you feel?

Now, I want you to picture a day where there you are a few months, a few years from now and that weight is already off your body. You are keeping up with your kids..Imagine what that feels like!

And now please allow yourself to continue to read on….

Where do you think hunger stems from? The stomach? WRONG! It comes from the brain. Remember sometime when whatever you ate didn’t satisfy you? That’s probably because the brain registers certain nutrients like, carbs, proteins, potassium, magnesium, which are then translated to the stomach’s digestive part and starts to generate the hunger feeling. But real hunger develops over time and can be satisfied with any food…which is why it is important to eat a variety of the “right “ foods which will give your body that nutrient it seeks as well as satisfy your hunger.

Head hunger is completely different. It comes on suddenly and seeks immediate satisfaction. The good news is that head hunger can be distracted!

The even better news is that Hypnosis…and here I refer to my Virtual Gastric Band Programme.

virtual gastric band

(Read what it is and what it isn’t HERE: ) This is where the client is convinced that a gastric band operation has been performed. This then causes the patient to believe they have a shrunken stomach which allows them to feel fuller quicker. Hypnosis returns the mind to being satisfied with less food. When there are underlying subconscious issues that lead to overeating these can be addressed too. As well as helping you to shed the pounds on a subconscious, automatic behaviour level, it will also help prevent further health complications that can result from being obese or overweight. It also instils a healthier attitude towards diet and lifestyle.

Up until now your will power has only been able to serve you at a superficial level in the weight loss stakes. Hypnosis helps you to become more self aware and empowered, below the level of conscious awareness.

My Virtual Hypnosis Gastric Band programme helps build up a sustainable and healthy control over life long engrained habits and behaviours. The Journal of Clinical Psychology did a recent study which showed that hypnosis in addition to new practical behavioural weight management (ie sensible eating NOT dieting) was more effective in helping people lose weight over an eighth month period and again at a two year mark when compared to those who did not undergo hypnosis.

With dieting, comes guilt if you stray. With hypnosis we rebuild a healthy relationship with food with any self reproach eliminated. Out goes old unhealthy habits. In comes healthier choices by your mind and body. As you begin to take back control of your life again you become fascinated with just how good you feel.

As soon as you make use of this programme you will find yourself feeling healthier, slimmer, fitter, happier, continuing to achieve your weight loss goal…and what would like feel like for you? As I said before, just imagine the changes that’s going to make in your life.

Healthy, Heartfelt Happiness!