Outsidethebox…Changing the Face & Body of Makeup and Skincare?

Outsidethebox…Changing the Face & Body of Makeup and Skincare?

Changing the face AND body of Makeup and Skincare?..Thats a big ask isn’t it? There are huge, mega huge companies in the Beauty Industry already claiming to do this. So why does a microscopic little company think it can make a difference to its’ customers too?

Our 4 reasons are :

It is said ” necessity is the mother of invention”  That is very true. Had it not been for my personal past bad experience of what “expensive, yet not good for you” makeup products can do to your skin, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. So Empathy is my first Natural Ingredient in this recipe for change.

Then, I am a people person. I love helping people . I love the warm feeling it gives when you realise you have liberated someone from a mental or physical restriction or perception about themselves. Our skin is the Natural barometer of our general health and well being. It doesn’t matter what your skin is like, with respect to base colour or texture. Yet, it does seem to matter if that colour or texture is irregular. It seems to matter to us and to others. Now we can add Understanding to the ingredient mix.

I am a fervent believer that my presence on this planet should have a positive impact. That may be with my family and friends, socially, altruistically, on a one to one basis, charitably, or environmentally. I try to eat well, recycle, be kind to others (this includes animals, of course.) Right, so here we have Positive Impact.

And last but not least, I love Nature. (Two of my favourite things are Trees and Cows!) Trees simply relax me by looking at them! They seem so calm, almost like “Pillars of Zen”. Cows just make me smile..they are nonplussed and methodical in their approach to life. Eating grass, laying down occasionally, swishing away flies with their tails. I call them “Monoliths of Manyana” which means they are big supporters of putting off till tomorrow that which doesn’t need to be done today. (No pressure) Why wouldn’t I want to translate this no pressure mantra to Makeup and Skincare? In actual fact, I believe I have. So, the final ingredient for Outsidethebox’ recipe for changing the Face and Body of Makeup and Skincare is Naturalness. 

Could any of those over large companies honestly subscribe to these beliefs and mantras? Its doubtful. With Outsidethebox, I believe this is where we have an edge. You know that all the products you have bought, or may be considering buying, have been created with the above beliefs in mind.

So whether its a Mineral Mascara , a Festival Fun Body Shimmer, a luxurious “save your skin” Body Butter or our highly pigmented and skin healing Mineral Makeup .. you are safe in the knowledge that there are no potentially harmful chemical ingredients inside, they are definitely not tested on animals ( only humans!). All products have been created with Empathy, Understanding, Positive Impact and Naturalness.

To learn some of the many tips and tricks which we believe will WOW and enlighten you with their benefits, why not book your 1-2-1 Makeup and Skin care Consultation at our Natural Makeup and Skincare Studio, Room T15, Upstairs at Penny Brohn UK, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, near Bristol BS20 0HH by getting in touch NOW!

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