NEW! My Angel Fare Weight Loss Programme

NEW! My Angel Fare Weight Loss Programme

Hello and Welcome to all my wonderful Outsidethebox Health and Wellbeing aficionados!

I am proud to introduce a very specific way hypnosis can help reset and restore a jaded physiology. Yes, I am talking about weight loss.

I have always struggled with my weight and with my relationship with food.

I was about 11 at the time when my ego was hypersensitive… One day I answered a knock at the door. The man was selling Tupperware ( A Plastic Food containers company, back in the day) He said to me “Hello sonny be a good lad and get your mum for me?”
I was always taller than the average girl and Mum fed me well. I was devastated. I looked like a boy. From that day on through my teens, I put myself on stupidly unhealthy diets which meant in the end messed up my stomach suffered stomach ulcers and had to have my gall bladder out at the age of 14. We all have our food stories. I bet you can in your mind find a couple of incidents in your past where your food relationship was impacted by someone else…Parents telling you you couldn’t get down from the table until you had eaten every scrap because “some poor Biafran would appreciate this” or an overkind auntie or gran insisting you had a meat patty, sausage roll and a jam tart because she has been up from dawn making them for Sunday tea ( after Sunday lunch that is!)

And then comes our appetite for life….binge drinking, cravings ( a form of anxiety) emotional void eating, when we NEVER feel satisfied despite eating the cupboards bare…Then there are social celebrations…beautiful food to celebrate a beautiful occasion well it would be rude not to……wouldn’t it? So, for whatever reason most of us at some time overeat. Some of us can happily reverse the process..but what if you are one of those who can only reverse the process so far..and then the weight compounds and piles on yet again and each time you start from at least a few pounds heavier…that’s right yoyo dieting rears its ugly head.

You have tried so many diets to counteract the fat issue but when (it seems) every advert, every magazine every billboard is telling you you need to eat, willpower might just not cut it.

What if there is a way I can help you hypnotically to confidently create an expectation of transformation and freedom from the Food Prison?
Imagine if while you have a conversation with your conscious mind, I show you how to engage in conversation with your subconscious mind…an Angel Fare protocol?

Inside of my Angel Fare Weigh-less Programme, diet is a non-word. It doesn’t exist. Amazingly, I will guide you to bring the wealth of resources you already have in your subconscious mind and you will be amazed how your life will mysteriously start to change.

Your broken metabolism is fixed
You learn, step by step how to ignore addictive feelings, cravings, and time-led food habits ( not hunger) so that you feel back in control again of your relationship with food…food no longer will dictate your mood…

Sound good?

This is an absolute game changer because it is kinder than any diet ever could be. Allow, permit, and condone that your conscious and subconscious minds will work in unison. No conflict. No bargaining. No negotiating …”if I do this …then I deserve this…”

If you have been trying to get your weight under control my new Angel Fare Hypnotic Weight Loss Programme reprograms your mind and body to easily RELEASE extra weight so that you can regain and keep your ideal physique from now on.

No more guilt, shame, pain, blame…these feelings are swapped for delight, positivity, achievement and success.

Be prepared if you are going back to school. I guide and teach you. You learn new behaviours. At the end of the programme only then are you fully equipped to flee the nest spread your wings and soar into the future safe in knowledge got this.

Let’s face it..if weight was easy and intuitive to release there wouldn’t be many heavy people in the world would there?

If you want to change your relationship with food to health and wellness which has so far eluded you, my Angel Fare hypnotic Weightless protocols can help you achieve those changes you seek.

Your next step is to connect! Claim my free consultation ONLINE or ON PHONE. Your mind and body already know what to do…..

Heartfelt Good Health and Happiness

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