Virtual Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis


Feel anxious when you wake up?

Are your sleep patterns chaotic? You crave better sleep

Do you “self sabotage?”

Are you struggling to stay positive?

Do you have “limiting beliefs”?


Virtual Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis can help you clear these blocks and put you back on the right path to reclaim the life you deserve. Simply explained, Hypnosis naturally and powerfully rewires your brain..below the level of conscious awareness.

One session should be all you need (everyone is different so your options may be kept open).

As soon as your FREE telephone consultation has been completed and a short form is completed, signed dated and returned to me, your one session Hypnotic Reset is scheduled. This is powerful and as your mind learns by repetition included in your session price is an mp3 recording which I recommend listening to daily for 28 days. And then just listen as and when you feel you need a “top up”.

The price for your Reset Session is just £70. This is paid in full 24 before your online appointment.

If you would like to book in, please use the options below to connect with me. All sessions are approximately 60-75 mins, (again this is tailored to you so it is an approximation). As mentioned, there is a small form I will email to you to complete, sign, date and return before the booking can be confirmed.

There’s never been a better time to help release yourself from the stresses and strains of modern daily life, through the easy, effortless, effective, power of Virtual Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis.

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