Unique to You hypno-Emotional Reset


It’s not just me. Every year, it feels like time is going faster and faster.

When our lives are so busy, this can often factor in weight gain. Because a person doesn’t take time for food, may not have time for food and skips a meal and then binges later, or reaches for a calorific or carb-laden snack because it’s quick and easy instead of prepping a bowl of nutrient-dense food.

My own personal weight confidence experiences have led me to believe in the power of hypnosis. And because I have experienced all of the above, I came up with the perfect solution for those who have plateaued, even after some substantial success. 

My hypno-emotional Reset program is where I  can help a person release the emotional shackles that have been holding them back from releasing even more weight so that they reach their ultimate goal and stay that way. Targeted support when you need it most. This bespoke personal experience enables you to tap into the power of your subconscious, unconscious mind to release you from old, stuck emotions in whatever situations you need. 

The beauty is that this resource is personal to you. Inside the hypnosis and NLP protocols I use, the more you practice, the more it works and the more effective it becomes, the less you need it.

Hypnosis works where willpower fails you. Hypnosis will stop you from reliving old, outdated behaviours and habits and create new, healthy ones. And yet, when priorities slip, or new challenges or experiences or emotions rear their ugly head so that a person has new eating challenges, this is where my hypno-emotional reset programme can set you free for Life, which means you will never revert to the unhealthy shape and size you used to be.

My bespoke-to-you programme is designed with you in mind. It is to be used as and when you need a helping hand to be motivated to begin or subconsciously boost your conscious efforts when you plateau and are about to give up.

Keep adaptability and motivation in mind. I teach you how to switch to the power of your subconscious mind over conscious mind matter. New healthy food habits are quickly learnt, and I incorporate a powerful “old habit dump switch”, which means you can visualise your size and shape goals faster and easier inside your hypnotic menu.

Hypnosis is so much more than a form of relaxation or meditation, it is a method that once unlocked, allows a person to take back control of that part of their weight that is an issue.

I use the strong, stable, natural power of hypnotherapy, bespoke to you and designed to become the permanent step-by-step, life-changing key to enable a person to help themselves with their shape, size and future health forever.

You will quickly and easily get a taste for success across diverse weight loss issues..from Emotional or Boredom Eating to More Movement Motivation to Cravings and the “Piccy side” of overindulgence and even boosting a sluggish metabolism, triggered by new life issues. Remember, everything is customised to you, rather than being a “one size fits all approach”, which is where my programmes win over many of the weight loss apps and videos currently available elsewhere. Congratulations! By reading this, you are taking the first step to getting the help you seek.

  • What will be different in your life as a result of these changes?
  • I want you to think of it as how a house is built. A foundation is laid, then we put up the framework… the roof… the walls… and then you move into it.

So, if you are 100% certain, you need to re-charge your shape and size.

If you are 100% sure, the time is NOW…to pick up the relay baton again so that you can win your race to change so that life’s emotional hurdles can be jumped safely and you can keep your eyes on the ultimate prize.

Please get in touch with me to discuss your bespoke programme based on your emotional eating needs.