Unique to You Virtual Slimming Pill Hypnosis Tutorials

My own personal weight loss experiences have led me to believe in the power of hypnosis.




It’s not just me right? Every year it feels like time is gong faster and faster?

When our lives are so busy, this can often be a factor in weight gain. because a person doesn’t take time for food, may not have time for food and so skips a meal and then binges later, or reaches for a calorific or carb laden snack because its so quick and easy instead of prepping a bowl of nutrient rich food.

My own personal weight loss experiences have led me to believe in the power of hypnosis. And because I have experienced all of the above I came up with the perfect solution for those who haven’t got time to loose weight. ( And even those who have) 

After our first consultation, in which we both invest approximately 60 minutes, because you tell me what your main sticking point is and what you most need help with. When I have everything I need, I create your personal Virtual Weightloss Slimming Pill using all the information you have shared with me about where you are stuck.

My Virtual Slimming Pills of Hypnosis guidance can help a person when nothing else has worked as and when you need it most. No more calling to book appointments.  As your support mechanism, by focusing on my voice, and bespoke to you hypnotic suggestions, this personal experience enables you to tap into the power of your subconscious, unconscious mind to release you from old stuck behaviours about food, whenever you need it. 

The beauty of this it that this audio/visual resource is personal to you. The more you listen, the more it works and the more effective it becomes the less you need it. No more thing you into lengthy programmes, which means you are able to enjoy the shape and size you desire, by creating your personal self hypnosis “virtual slimming pill tutorial.”

Hypnosis works where willpower fails you.  Hypnosis will stop you reliving old, outdated behaviours and habits and create new healthy ones.  Imagine the person who constantly yo-yo diets, only to be heavier when they stopped, than when they started.

Or, that person who wants to loose weight, has been trying and failing for years and their future health is now in jeopardy.

Or, that person who wants to get that summer bod but yet can’t stop snacking at night.

My bespoke to you virtual slimming pill product is designed with ease of use in mind. To be used as and when you need a helping hand to be motivated to begin or subconsciously boost your conscious efforts when you plateau and are about to give up….again.

Keep adaptability and motivation in mind. I teach you how to switch to the power of your sub conscious mind over conscious mind matter. New healthy food habits are easily learnt and I incorporate a powerful “old habit dump switch” which means you are able to visualise and your size and shape goals faster and easier inside of your personal hypnotic menu.

Hypnosis is so much more than a form of relaxation or meditation, it is a method that once unlocked, allows a person to take back control of that part of their weight that is an issue.

My  “Slimming Pill” Virtual Self Help Tutorials, use the strong, stable, natural power of hypnotherapy, bespoke to you and are designed to become the permanent step by step, life changing key, to enable a person to help themselves with their shape, size and future health.

Because they are bite  sized, they are easy to pick up and put down, as and when you need them. Your personal  virtual slimming pill will quickly and easily allow you to get a taste for them across diverse issues of weight loss..from Emotional or Boredom Eating to More Movement Motivation to Cravings and the “Piccy side” of over indulgence and even giving a boost to a sluggish metabolism. Which means you can add a other Hypnosis Pill as and when your pocket and time allows. Remember Everything is customised to you, rather than being a “one size fits all approach”, which  is where my Virtual Slimming Pills win over many of the weight loss self help books and videos currently available elsewhere.


Congratulations!  By reading this you are presently taking the first step to getting the help you seek.

As a second step, I encourage you to have a think about these questions below:

  • What positive change do you want most of all?
  • What do you think has previously stopped you from making this change?
  • When do you want the change to take place?
  • What will be different in your life as a result of these changes?

The third and final step for now, is to contact me for a complimentary consultation, to see if my virtual self help slimming pills of hypnotherapy are a good fit for you particular area of weight loss need. There is no obligation on this call.

During the call I will confirm if you have any contraindications to Hypnosis. That being a “go ahead”, I will tell you what Hypnosis is, what it isn’t. Then, if and when you discover you have an appetite for your bespoke bite sized online tutorial, we will agree a bespoke 121 online Hypnotherapy session for Weight loss session with me, including a bespoke mp3/mp4, tailored perfectly to you.

If required, I will also briefly outline the additional support and resources available to you.  I want you to think of it that how a house built. A foundation is laid, then we put up the framework… the roof… the walls… and then you move into it.

So, if you are 100% certain you need to change your shape and size. If you are 100% sure the time is NOW… please contact me to claim your no obligation online or on phone consultation. Please advise me your preferred date and time of day to be contacted. and include brief answers to the questions above. Thank you.