Mobile Seated Massage


Aches? Pains? Stress at Work Home or In Care? Mobile OTB can help!

Based in our Somerset Studio, Outsidethebox offers cruelty free, paraben free, makeup and skincare products, as well as holistic massage therapies.

Our philosophy is to have a considerate, 360 degree approach to health, beauty and well being. Our products are mineral or plant based, plus we only use our products in treatments… so you can relax your mind, body, soul, conscience and still look and feel brilliant! 

From July 2018 we will now be offering our Holistic Services at your place of work or home!

Enjoy our Natural Lift Facial Treatments to various forms of Upper Body Massage using Swedish Body Massage techniques to Indian Head Massage.

An OTB Holistic massage can help with:

  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Improve scalp circulation
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Improve hair condition
  • Give you a psychological uplift!

Read about more benefits in our blog – Stress at Work or Home? 10 reasons why our mobile Massage Therapy will help

You can now enjoy our effective, relaxing, revitalising, stress busting therapies in your work place or home.

Natural Lift Facial Treatment
Basic 30 Minute treatment – £25.00*

Kansa Head Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
30 Minute treatment – £25.00*
1 Hour treatment – £45.00* 

Indian Head Massage
30 Minute treatment – £25.00*
1 Hour treatment – £45.00*

Swedish Upper Body (back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, face & scalp)
30 Minute treatment – £25.00*
1 Hour treatment – £45.00* 

Please contact us for corporate workplace and group packages.

*There is a 40p per mile travel charge for mileage over 10 miles from our Studio base BS24 8DZ
A 20% non-refundable deposit secures your booking
Senior Massage
  • £
  • At Outsidethebox we understand that, ironically, as we get older we seem to need “touch” even more but this is when we often feel it less. Soothing effleurage massage strokes and comforting touch can help create a sense of trust for Seniors either in care or in their homes. A soothing hand and arm, or head neck and shoulder massage can offer reassurance and may help to reduce any distress too as it helps to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and encourages a relaxation response in the brain.

    If you have been wondering what to buy as a gift for an elderly family member or friend an Outsidethebox Holistic Massage Therapy session may be just what the doctor ordered!

    Senior Massage (in care or at home)
    60 minute treatment – £60.00
    30 minute treatment – £30.00
    15 minute treatment – £20.00
    (includes client consultation or care giver consultation)

    *There is a 40p per mile travel charge for mileage over 10 miles from our Studio base BS24 8DZ
    A 20% non-refundable deposit secures your booking

    £1 Per Minute Massage Lounge

    Host a £1 per minute Face and Bodywork Massage Lounge

    Looking for a fun time to get together with friends? Your friends and family will love this!

    Why not host an Outsidethebox Face and Bodywork Massage Lounge in the comfort of your own home!?

    At £1 per minute, simply ask which of your friends would like a maximum 20 minute or minimum 5 minute face and or body massage* (if they would just  like a “taster session”). Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet, Head, Neck, Shoulders and Back massages are available using Indian Head and Swedish Body massage techniques. Can be enjoyed by all ages (from 16 years ), guys and girls!!

    Jules or one of our Team will also be using only Vegan-friendly products and can demonstrate these for everyone to try during their massage or facial. These products will be available to order. All massages are seated and clothed.  We bring a professional massage chair too.

    Each professional Massage Lounge requires a minimum of 60 booked minutes but it is possible to book a maximum of 180 minutes, or any time between.  A 20% non refundable deposit secures your booking and you are set to have probably the most relaxing, restoring “get together” ever!

    Contact us now to book yours!

    *There is a 40p per mile travel charge for mileage over 10 miles from our Studio base BS24 8DZ
    A 20% non-refundable deposit secures your booking

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