101 hours to create a Mermaid

101 hours to create a Mermaid

It never ceases to amaze me just how much creative talent there is to be found in Somerset.

I was recently introduced Samantha Sleeman and her dad, Bernie. Sam is 14 years old and unashamedly dyslexic. Between them, this father and daughter Team create the most amazing bespoke, full size, Mermaid Tails. Bernie is an ex engineer and Sam is the artistic one. These tails are made out of silicone and take over 100 daughter and father hours to construct. Sunday June 21st found me with my makeup kit helping Sammie to transform into Samantha the Siren Mermaid in the back of a friend’s camper van on Weston sea front at 0800 hours.

With the help of A K Marine Services Ltd, – a local marine engineering company, the models at the annual Weston’s Top Model, were not only treated to a speedboat photoshoot but also had the surprise of seeing Sammy in full Mermaid regalia waiting to welcome them onto the shoot as she lounged across the speedboat having heard the call of the Competition from the deep.

Sadly the day was colder than expected and the wind factor was a strong North Westerley

The bespoke- to-Sam’s-measurements suit weighed 20kg’s and I wondered just how she would swim in the costume. But Sam did a great job. She moved the tail so that it undulated in the shallow water of Marine lake ( as we were not allowed to go out to sea due to the high winds.)

As we were walking back to the camper van after having hauled Sammie out of the water and then onto dry land and into the wheelchair an onlooker took a video of this and then posted it onto Facebook and Spotted in Somerset. Within a couple of hours we had had nearly 4,000 views! It  must have looked really dodgy- almost Dr Who-ish with me and Bernie holding up Sam’s fluke and Steve pushing the chair.

It was a fantastic PR stunt..to maximise the interest in tickets for the Finale and hopefully raised AK Marine’s profile too? So if you would like a Mermaid tail, please contact Bernie on 01934 782051

Samantha the Siren Mermaid’s make up was brought to you by Outsidethebox Healthy Mineral makeup and aside form a bucket load of glitter included:

Black Mulberry Eyeshadow- use with a wet brush for liner for eyes and scales body detail.

Sweet Ceicely – Healing Mineral Foundation.

Purple Loose Strife- Eyes and body detail.

Reed Mace- Eyebrow Definer.

Eyebright Highlighter

Yelow Samphire- Blusher

Spotted Medick Highlighter


Buddleia Lipstick-