Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Body Contouring

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can help these symptoms and improve your body’s overall condition and is invaluable post surgical body sculpting because it aids the healing process, reducing scar irritation swelling and inflammation.

MLD Programmes relieve itching, decrease swelling and help ensure optimum conditions for minimising scar redness. here is one testimonial from a recent client: ( Follow the guidelines of your surgeon for their preferred timing for the treatment as a person is unique.)

I have always said at Outsidethebox I offer a whole mind/ Body experience. This is true.

Here is a testimonial from a delighted client after her post Fleur de Lys Lower Body Lift and Tummy Tuck Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment programme with me.

“Following a 360 lower body lift and tummy tuck, I suffered badly with swelling. I began manual lymphatic drainage massage with Jules and immediately felt the difference. I had a few problem areas in particular and the MLD began to help relieve some of the pressure from those areas from the first session. Jules gave me some suggestions and techniques to do at home between sessions to help stimulate my lymphatic system but also to look after my skin as it healed.

My swelling has decreased massively over the time I’ve spent with Jules and I will continue to follow her suggestions at home. I felt very relaxed and at ease with every visit and looked forward to my treatments. Jules did also give me some extra help with problems unrelated to my surgery and swelling and she made me feel like she really cared about all of me, not just the problem I had originally came to see her about.

manual lymphatic drainage massage post surgery
before and after manual lymphatic drainage massage treatment

Because of such a positive experience, I’ve recommended Jules to so many of my friends and family and will absolutely be returning for other treatments as well. Thanks Jules, you are wonderful x” #wholebodyexperience#surgery#manuallymphaticdrainage

MLD can also help:

Sedentary Lifestyle? Not getting as much exercise as you know you should? MLD can help improve your quality of life and current limitations.

Digestive Issues
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Skin Conditions
Acne, Rosacea and Eczema, Stretch Marks

Respiratory Conditions
Nasal Congestion

Stress Conditions
Chronic Fatigue/ME

MLD can also facilitate general feelings of health and vitality. My speciality is to use a combination of MLD and Body Contouring techniques to help free you from that stubborn midsection even though you eat healthy and exercise. What do Devon Windsor, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and perhaps YOU have in common? They love the art of looking good and feeling good! AND IT IS AN ART ISN’T IT!?

Would you like to reduce water retention. Decrease constipation and Bloating Detoxify your body, Boost your metabolism and get that stubborn mid section firmer flatter and more contoured? Yes!? Great!

Or, if you have an important family event coming up like a wedding or even an important work presentation and you haven’t been able to loose the weight you wanted to before this event, and you have a month before this takes place, it could be the right time to consider booking yourself into my unique, Lookgood, Feelgood Midsection Manual Lymphatic Drainage programme.

My name is Jules Derrick and I am a Massage Therapist and Professional Hypnotherapist. I have created this unique programme because I noticed when clients came to me for body Massage and weight management Hypnosis, they often felt there was a stubborn midsection that was still bumpy, flabby and felt bloated. Let me be clear, with this programme the focus is on draining lymph, sculpting body contours and releasing water in the fascia around the problem areas. This is NOT fat reduction. My secret weapon however is hypnotherapy which I use in conjunction with the body treatment to reinforce the work I do on your body.

After each weekly treatment ( one treatment a week for 4 weeks) you will start to notice how much better you look and feel. Your midsection will be more sculpted and contoured you will feel FRESH. REVIVED and REGENERATED and the bonus is this treatment helps boost the immune system, metabolism, helps with allergies and inflammation also helping remove cellulite because it drains toxins. Your Lookgood, Feelgood Midsection Manual Drainage and Hypnotherapy programme is here now! Your next step is to book a no obligation chat with me to discuss if this is for you and if I think it is too, subject to their being no contraindications in mind or body, I will let you know how to get started.

Your next step:

Outsidethebox MLD Contouring treatments will be confined to a minimum of 4
treatments after surgery. The treatment timing is dependant on your surgeon’s advice, post surgery because eveyone is unique.

Book a FREE online or phone line 10 minute Consultation with me to decide the best course of treatment for you. Prices will vary depending on frequency. Treatments are usually 60 minutes each but can be longer if necessary. Individual Treatments for Detox purposes only are £45 for 60 minutes. Designed for you Lymphatic Drainage Courses start from £180.