Love thyself this Valentine’s Day!

Love thyself this Valentine’s Day!

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It is all very well rising to the romantic occasion but here at Outsidethebox we think that loving gestures should possibly start at home? Now, of course, we are not saying that you shouldn’t treat your nearest and dearest to something nice whatever that may be to them. But why should this be on the day assigned for overblown statements of love by the commercial world in general? We are simply highlighting the fact if you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else?

Also, if you are not usually romantic why should you turn into a “Romantic Hero” on a designated day? It is a shameless marketing ploy! Historically it is reputed that a Roman -also a Christian- who went by the name of Valentine, was martyred for refusing to give up his Christian beliefs..(For martyred please read horrifically tortured and killed.) This must be the definition of true love as opposed to the chocolate hearts and pink champagne that somehow now epitomise this “special” day?

We are predicting on THE DAY you will have a strong desire to tell all and sundry..from your spouse, partner, your children to perhaps even the postman, that you are madly in love with them. All we are suggesting is; don’t forget…YOU!

If you are able to afford Tiffany diamonds or order a jet to take you and your loved one to New York for a Champagne Breakfast at the Intercontinental New York Barclay, then all is well and good. If however, you need to be more financially astute, what is better than to take your loved one breakfast in bed, write them a poem, plan a movie night cuddled up on the sofa or paint a heart on a pebble with both your initials in the middle? It’s all good Romantic stuff and relatively inexpensive too!

So, now that your Romantic Interlude is planned to perfection, you may still have the means to treat yourself to an Outsidethebox Holistic Massage? That little oasis of calmness, ultimate relaxation and restoration. An Outsidethebox Holistic Massage deeply relaxes your muscles, helps boost your immune system and promotes sleep. Why wouldn’t you book yourself in for a Valentine’s Treat, after all you are worth it!

If pangs of generosity are beginning to emerge in your psyche, why not throw financial caution to the wind and invest in some of our wonderfully soothing Peppermint Foot Butter Then, whilst your loved one is laying on the sofa watching Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (or Four Weddings and a Funeral or Love Actually), you could offer them a relaxing feet and legs massage? Or, you could book them in too!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Whatever you decide, we hope you LOVE it!