BABTAC, hypnosis, beauty treatments, therapistWhat if a professional Hypnotist living and working in Somerset, UK, could help you easily and quickly shake off any limiting beliefs and unwanted pain- both mental and physical- and Reset, Revive and Restore you?

What prompts me to make this statement?
In February 2015, I started my health and well-being business helping those with super sensitive skin ( From acne to rosacea and anywhere in between) who couldn’t wear pore-clogging makeup to look good and feel good with my handcrafted paraben-free, not tested on animals makeup and skincare range.

It was niche, I’ll admit, and now, almost 10 years on, I have a grateful band of aficionados whose lives have improved because of these life-changing changes they have made to their makeup and skincare regimes.

My career development was then directed to Massage Therapy because I knew many clients were suffering from aches and pains in their bodies, often due to life’s daily stress. I studied BABTAC-approved courses and added them to my portfolio.

It was when I noticed that the people on my couch were suffering from mental angst, which in turn affected their physiology, that I decided to look into alternative therapies.

Then Covid struck, and my business, like many others, was closed entirely to personal beauty services. I picked myself up and threw myself into learning and studying Hypnosis. I studied with Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy and other leading world-class hypnotists like Mike Mandel (Canada), Jason Linett (USA) and latterly Lori Hammond (also USA)
I now help clients over Zoom or in person with my Look Good Feel Good brand of modern Hypnosis. I have an online daily blog;


I invite you to hop on over and take a look- it’s fun and free! Another resource for you is my YouTube Channel: (Jules Derrick outsidethebox hypnosis.  (Please hit subscribe if you like my videos!) Here, a person can dip in and get self-help hypnosis hacks for FREE on a heap of life-led issues!

Testimonials came in from all aspects of Hypnotherapy from clients I have helped with Anxiety, Back Pain, Phobias, Weight loss, Eco-Anxiety etc.

Hypnosis has had a bad rap in the past, gained from exuberant, theatrical stage performers and street performers. And yet, as I have discovered, Hypnosis is probably THE most potent alternative therapy to help RESET a person without any side effects.

My Hypnotically beautiful products were also featured in Babtac’s industry magazine, prompting me to share my journey with you. This is a huge thumbs up from a recognised industry body for my Look Good, Feel Good Reset. Revive. Restore the style of modern Hypnotherapy.