What if, a professional Hypnotist living and working in Somerset UK could help you easily and quickly shake off any limiting beliefs, unwanted pain- both mental and physical- and Reset, Revive and Restore you?

What prompts me to make this statement?
In February 2015, I started my health and well being business helping those with super sensitive skin ( From acne to rosacea and anywhere in between) who couldn’t wear pore clogging makeup, to look good and feel good with my hand crafted paraben free, not tested on animals makeup and skincare range.

It was niche, I’ll admit and now almost 7 years on I have a grateful band of aficionados whose lives have improved because of these life changing changes they have made to their makeup and skincare regimes.

My career development was then directed to Massage Therapy because I knew many clients were suffering from aches and pains in their bodies ofter as a result of life’s daily stress. I studied BABTAC approved courses and added this to my portfolio.

It was when I noticed that the people on my couch were suffering from mental angst which in turn affected their physiology that I decided to look into alternative therapies.

Then Covid struck and my business of course like many others was completely closed to personal beauty services. I picked myself up and threw myself into learning and studying Hypnosis. I studied with Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy and other leading world class hypnotists like, Mike Mandel, (Canada) Jason Linett (USA) and latterly Lori Hammand (also USA)
I now help clients over Zoom or in person with my Look Good Feel Good brand of modern Hypnosis. I have an online blog;


Now, a year on, I have my own You Tube Channel: jules derrick outsidethebox hypnosis ( please subscribe if you like the videos!?) where people can dip in and get self help hypnosis hacks for FREE on a heap of issues!

Testimonials came in form all aspects of Hypnotherapy ( please see my website link below) from clients I have helped with Anxiety, Back Pain, Phobias,Weight loss etc.

Hypnosis has had a bad rap in the past gained from stage performers and street performers. The reality is, as I have discovered, it is probably THE most powerful of alternative therapies that can help RESET a person without any side effects.

My Hypnotically beautiful products were recently featured in Babtac’s own industry magazine which is what prompted me to reach out and share my journey with you now. I felt this is a huge thumbs up from a recognised industry body for my Look Good, Feel Good, Reset. Revive. Restore style of modern hypnotherapy.