Are you or do you know someone who is suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment?

Are you or do you know someone who is suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment?

Makeup is worn for many reasons. To enhance our “looks”and to give us confidence are probably the two most quoted. What if, out of the blue, you have had to go through the rigours of cancer treatments? All of a sudden the familiar face that looked back at you in the mirror has changed… sometimes quite dramatically…how does this make you feel? How does this affect your self esteem? How out of control of your body do you feel now? Would a 1-2-1 unique skincare consultation be just what the Doctor ordered?

Founder of Outsidethebox Makeup and Skincare, Jules Derrick, is a makeup and paramedical makeup artist, is trained in natural Skincare Facials using her exclusively created Outsidethebox Organic skincare products. Her concept studio is based upstairs at Penny Brohn UK, Bristol.  Jules offers 1-2-1 consultations and skincare advice sessions. Enjoyed by all, they are especially beneficial to anyone who has undergone, or is undergoing, radio or chemo therapy treatments and who is in need of a confidence or self esteem boost.

The side effects of cancer treatment may not always leave visible scarring but the impact on self esteem and self confidence can be immense. In these cases, makeup and simply being shown how to choose products that will help combat the effects of the treatments and help banish the “washed out and tired” look, can help a client to go out looking and feeling as “normal” as possible.

As the Outsidethebox Makeup and Skincare Founder, Jules volunteered at Look Good Feel Better Masterclasses and was moved by the number of women who attended these courses but some of who felt a little lost in the group session. All were pleased to talk to someone, to share their stories and experiences and know that they are not alone. Some however, were not comfortable in a large group, which is why Jules believes the 1-2-1 sessions work well.

Often many did not expect the changes to their physiology:

Cancer Treatments may affect the skin as follows**

• Changes to skin tone: Skin may become sallow or redder during treatment
• Skin may develop itchiness or blotching
• Skin may becomes dry or flakey
• There may be increased sensitivity to the sun
• Dark circles or eye puffiness may develop
• Hair may thin or you may experience hair loss ( including eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair.)
• Your nails may alter speed of growth, change texture and discolouration or lifting of nails may occur.

(** Please note: Almost all of these side effects will be temporary)

Jules can help show you how to minimise the side effects such as those listed above but on a more personal level. No two people will react in the same way to their treatment. Some will sail through it but most welcome a little extra moral support from family, friends and colleagues. Where Outsidethebox can help is with practical tips and techniques. Jules believes this will be even more beneficial on a 1-2-1 basis, to show each individual those techniques and tips most relevant to their unique needs. Jules will also be able to help with general enquiries about wigs and wig alternatives and how to help brittle nails.

Realising the potential that managing the appearance-related effects cancer treatment can have, your 1-2-1 Consultation will take place at the Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare studio.  All products used will be Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare products which are 100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free…oh and did we mention they are incredibly healing and kind for sensitive/traumatised skin?!

This personal, unique experience is extremely beneficial and a recent client told us she was “counting the days” to her next treatment!

Your consultation begins with Jules understanding where you are in your treatment plan and the issues you are currently facing. This is followed by  your natural facial, which we hope leaves you feeling able to make a reconnect with your body, something  which may have been blurred due to recent events? Your Consultation concludes with helpful tuition on how to get the best out of the mineral makeup products that are so kind and beneficial to the skin and will help alleviate any of the temporary adverse effects of treatment that you may be experiencing.


Working to ease the feeling of a lack of self esteem by supporting women who are going through these sometimes invasive treatments, is one way in which makeup can help women regain their confidence. client-consultationIf you are, or you know anyone suffering from the visible side effects of cancer treatments

please contact us to book their 1-2-1 Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare Consultation and Treatment now. Please allow 1hour 20 mins for the full consultation. Cost only £40*

* Please advise if you are an existing Penny Brohn UK client for further discount.