In 2024 Don’t wait to lose weight

In 2024 Don’t wait to lose weight

In 2024… Don’t wait to Lose Weight because without exception bad eating habits don’t come from food!

It is proven that diets only change the physical results of overindulgence, which means there is a whole mind-based obstacle getting in your way. A person already knows what to do…eat everything in moderation and exercise more. So..Why are we not doing it?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how fed up are you of telling yourself you will restart your diet again on Monday, or being told you need to lose weight for health reasons, or social or work confidence reasons or simply wanting to do up those skinny jeans in the back of the wardrobe you could get into last year?

So if dieting fills you with dread, if you have noticed your willpower to exercise is non-existent, as soon as you realise what your weight loss efforts have been missing, you will turn trying to achieve your weightless goals into successfully achieving your health and fitness goals.

My name is Jules Derrick and I am a professional Hypnotist. I specialise in adding hypnosis to a person’s Weight Loss Toolbox. There have been numerous clinical studies of how Hypnosis not only helps a person achieve their desired body weight and shape, as well as keeping those pounds off which allows a person to enjoy that healthier future they deserve.

How can hypnosis with me help you do this? Imagine for a moment a computer. It’s your computer. You have had it forever and unfortunately, you have realised that for some time you have accidentally downloaded malware onto it in addition to the good stuff.

It’s just like putting the wrong foods into your body. Hypnotically, I can remove that habit of downloading that dangerous, unhelpful malware, helping you to take back control of those parts of your eating and drinking that have gotten out of control, and that you haven’t been able to reprogram yourself. Sound Good?

In 2024, what if inside of my 1-2-1 personalised to-you coaching programme,  you could learn how to:

-take back control of your response to food?
-take back control of your physical activity?
-take back control of old outdated unhealthy habits to produce long lasting change.

-take back control of emotional or boredom over eating

Hypnosis works because it is multisensorial. A person will learn to retrain the brain to achieve their healthiest weight and to avoid regaining that weight after losing it.

Inside my programme, it is almost as if you have released the weight of your weight problems.

You will learn to replace old patterns with new actions.
You will learn how to listen to that inner voice which is encouraging you. Together, we will hypnotically activate your greatest level of success in your weight loss goals through clarity and focus. We will clear the weight loss fog barrier.
You will also enjoy the 1-2-1 experience which means you will know that long-lasting changes are already being made because “all who are heavy, are not defeated, inside my programme.”

It may be you have tried every diet going, yes you lose some weight but when the willpower runs out the weight goes back on. Sound familiar?

Allow yourself hope through hypnosis. If only a spark of confidence remains inside you it is enough for hypnosis to ignite a passion for wellness and a new way of living. Your pathway to permanent weight will be ignited. From that spark of hope. Which means the NEW you is not something you must wait for.

Inside my Angel Fare programme,  hypnosis will help you remove anything that has stood in your way before. Our 1-2-1 sessions either in person or online are targeted to and are tailored to YOU. The authentic you.

Every day you will progress towards your goal These specialist programmes which are unique to each individual, because we are all different, are great for those with long-term weight loss goals. It could help a person avoid bariatric surgery or lose weight so that their BMI is an acceptable level to be eligible for IVF treatments. Or those with other multiple health weight-related issues.

Your next step is small and easy. And FREE.
Message me now to claim your free 1-2-1 online or phone call to assess if you are suitable for hypnosis and allow me to answer any questions you have.

What if this 1-2-1 consultation is the key to unlocking your future health and desired body shape and size…after all…what have you got to lose?



My expertise in this allows me to recognise that those who want to start NOW are ready. However, there is only one of me and because I have other coaching commitments, for no other reason than that, it’s first come…..

It’s easy! Don’t wait to lose weight. Claim your FREE personal consultation with me NOW!

We will discuss if hypnotherapy to weigh LESS is for you and if you are suitable for it.

This unique, bespoke, tailored to your private weight loss coaching programme. Because no other person is like YOU!

During your Angel Fare Weigh less Programme, you will not only experience evidence based hypnosis techniques but also learn:

Creative Visualisation and Hope, New Eating Habits and How to Banish old Emotional Eating Triggers, Easy Self-Hypnosis Tricks and tips, Setting intentions, Motivation and Activity levels, Metabolism Reset, How to Control Cravings, the Drink more Water Trick and celebrate Success.

So, if you are excited to take on the challenge of personal growth and lose the weight that has stopped you from being the best you can be emotionally and physically,
If the time is NOW.

What are you waiting for?

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