Hypnotically Beautiful YOU!

Hypnotically Beautiful YOU!

Dear Outsidetheboxers!

As we start to ease into Autumn, new makeup, skincare and self help products and routines to stay looking and feeling our best, could be the order of the day!

Outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk offers you simple, effective solutions to help you age beautifully with elegance and effectiveness. ( For guys as well as girls!)

Hours in air conditioned offices (now that you may be venturing back to work), chillier mornings and gloomier skies can all have an adverse impact on our mind and body. Our skin is often the barometer of our health is it not? Our mental fortitude may also struggle under grey skies and longer evenings?

I always say before helping others it is best to put your own oxygen mask on first. By that I mean, Focus on YOU first. It’s not selfish, it’s logical. When a person looks good and feels good, from the inside out and the outside in, then this gives you the inner strength to deal with whatever life throws in your path! You create what you narrate. Feel and look fantastic and your body language will radiate good health and inspire others.

Oh and Don’t forget if you are stuck for a gift idea our can be used against any of our beautiful products and treatments.

Heartfelt health and happiness to you all!

Jules :Dxx

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My passion is helping you heal from the inside out and the outside in!

October’s Product News!
I am proud to introduce my new Hypnotically Beautiful Skincare Kit Mini
Skin Defender Gel helps with:

Aloe vera soothes and cools a hot and sweaty face, either from wearing your face mask, after sun exposure or dry air conditioned heat.
Hyaluronic acid hydrates a parched skin.
The properties of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils help rejuvenate and heal overworked skin cells.
Gua Sha Tool helps by :

Drainage..it encourages the body’s Lymphatic natural detoxification process.
Brightens the skin because of the boosted blood flow, leaving a visible glow.
Drains excess fluid leaving you with less “puffiness” and sharp facial contours.

My audio mp3 Skin healing Hypnosis can help with:

1. How to get older naturally beautifully!
2. Deep Relaxation and Healing
3.Tapping into your Resilience
4. White light meditation: When you need a helping hand
5. Harnessing Confidence
6.Hypnosis for Physical Healing
7.Calming Anxiety
8. Controlling your Inner Critic

All for just £21.99! ( RRP £36.95)

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