Hypnotic Health and Self-Influence is for Everyone

Hypnotic Health and Self-Influence is for Everyone

Hello everyone! Did you know…It has been scientifically proven that under hypnosis, many environments can be engineered to foster the feel-good factor below the level of conscious awareness to release a stuck state and amplify powerful shifts in motivation and performance.

Inside my one-to-one self-influence courses, videos and community, I invite and then teach people how to transform their lives. I have helped them become more independent and confident, look good and feel good or, perhaps, become a more valued person at their workplace.

I have helped them improve their lives and give them the confidence to move out of a dead-end and into a new, exciting journey.

I have helped them become mindful, adopt a healthier mindset and lifestyle, and maybe even transform their relationships with others.

My name is Jules Derrick, and I am a Self-Influence Health and Wellbeing Hypnotist.

So, When will you learn?
If your issue is that you are too busy to learn…
Because of your busy work day or family commitments…I offer online one-to-one sessions at the end of the afternoon or evening.
Still Hard pressed for Time?….my sessions are short, easy windows..to fit in with your work/family lifestyle, and recordings are also available for easy access when the tTime is right for you when you find your “me time moment”

Where am I teaching?
Having a learning platform on Zoom that is easy and quick to access and navigate on all devices is also a factor that will bring learners back to my bespoke courses time and Time again.

When I started, I knew I was passionate about the transformation my learners go through when they take my courses. I soon realised that transformation is the real reason people purchase and engage with my training, and I make sure it runs through every part of the courses I create.

I invite you to ask yourself this question now…

Why do you want to learn how to switch on Self-Influence for Hypnotic Health and Wellness?

Have you got the answer? Great!

And what is it about ME that inspires you?

Is it because I get excited about sharing my knowledge, and you can tune into my desire to help you transform your life through my bespoke one-to-one courses? I have been in your shoes and hypnotically learned how to knock lathe ck of confidence, life’s impact and imposter syndrome in my mind and body into touch for good.


Will the systems and protocols I talk about work for YOU?

To recap….If you have ever….wanted to step into your UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE to crush Imposter Syndrome in your mind, at home, in your workplace and design your blueprint for your future well-being and success, this is where we’ll peel back the curtain of internet learning, which means you can implement the right mind and body protocols at the right Time so that people want to engage with you more because your confidence and ethos inspires and makes them feel good too.

Your family, friends and colleagues are ready to believe in your total worth as someone who embodies self-confidence and success, and they subconsciously begin to run the process to help you transform your results with you – even before you require support.

No matter your age, you’ll discover how to organically clear away the mind fog, clutter, concerns and objections you used to have.

This is about subconsciously creating AUTHENTIC INTENT so you can step into what you are.

This is where we clear away procrastination and overwhelm because these things have held you back.

If this is what you’re after and you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Karen, Alessandra, Sonya, Dan, Tim, Ingrid Emma and my other successful students…claim your FREE call with me now.

Together, we’ll review what’s holding you back and what my personal, bespoke online 121 Self-Influence Hypnosis Health and Wellbeing courses can do for you.

Now you could continue as you are going …or join us….
To contact me, get in touch.

And Love the journey to the New You!

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