How to (hypnotically and lucidly) calm your Eco Anxiety

How to (hypnotically and lucidly) calm your Eco Anxiety

Like Covid, like Furlough like Anti-vaxers, Eco Anxiety is a relatively new phenomenon to get to grips with for most of us….. You may of course be a long term Eco-warrior and for that I salute and thank you.
I want you to ask yourself after all the news stories about unprecedented flash flooding, bush fires, volcanic eruptions, rises in temperature and sea levels and polar bears clinging to melting ice flows, are you feeling at all anxious about climate change? Over the last few weeks we have heard much from COP26. The conclusion of this summit, in my opinion is that some progress has been made but more needs to be done.

Did you know in England, 57% of child psychiatrists surveyed by the NHS in 2020 said that eco-anxiety was named in most of the concerns and difficulties they worked with their clients. Research from 2020 showed that in the UK, 70% of 18-24 year-olds. not just those seeing psychiatrists, felt the same.

As a professional Hypnotist I understand how incapacitating eco anxiety can be.
My clients ask me if it is normal to feel eco-anxious? Can I escape these feelings?
As I have always maintained our natural human reaction (from our protective sympathetic nervous system) is to fight,flight or freeze from a threat to our well being. This internal programming kept our ancestors alive for millions of years. However, climate change isn’t a threat we know how to fight. We can’t flee to another universe..yet either so the normal response is ‘freeze’ and sometimes pretend it isn’t happening.

What if when you feel eco-anxious, this shows that you understand this is important. Feeling eco-anxious is a natural response to this global threat. And more people need to feel this. Don’t runaway Don’t curl up into a ball and freeze. And also don’t get over anxious either.

This is why it’s essential we all find a middle ground. So, what can we all do to cope with eco anxiety?

If you are already feeling concerned about the planet, channel those feelings in to a positive acknowledgement of the problem. You see it now don’t you?

Focus your energy and take action appropriate to your situation. Last year for example my husband and I decided we could be a one ( instead of 2) car family. It was difficult to get used to at first but then we got organised and now it feels good and we communicate more too!

Everyone of us can make a difference. However that works for us. You will think of what changes YOU can make. They all count.

Use your imagination. Visualise 5, 10, 15, 50 years from now a solution has been found and we all live in harmony with the planet and celebrate that you have played a small effective part. Your mind and body already know what to do…and in the meantime here’s how to calm your eco anxiety hypnotically whilst your conscious mind practically helps create new anti global warming new life habits that are within your control.

Long term: Please start to fill your brain with the good stuff! Read biographies of eco warriors, watch documentaries like those of Sir David Attenborough etc, study new environmental subjects like how to build a Frog Terrarium. Give your brain the raw materials to draw from. Turn off the news which is richly depressing (in my opinion)!
Short term: Create a brain nourishing environment. Add plants indoors, listen to the sounds of waterfalls, streams, or rainfall when you are feeling overwhelmed. Scent the air with incense or candles. Make a pleasant and relaxing context in which to create your eco friendly new life habits.
Because your efforts mean you care. You are doing your part to help. Encourage others to think more eco friendly too. Calm your mind and reflect the good you are achieving. State your weekly eco goals for you, very clearly and write them down. This will aim your brain at the problem. Smile. Breathe slowly and deeply and feel powerful whenever your thoughts turn to eco anxiety..

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See you there!

Heartfelt Climate Change and Happiness to you all!


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