How can Hypnosis help me?

How can Hypnosis help me?

Let’s face it…Hypnosis has mostly has a “bad” reputation, hasn’t it? Ask 100 people what Hypnosis means to them and they may start by making a weird “wooo-ooo-ooo” sound and then say ” you’re not making me cluck like a chicken!” Nothing could be further from my mind. I promise you.

Modern Hypnosis may be used in variety of ways….

…for pleasure, Yes!… as simple as that!
…to change your mood, state or energy level
…to help reframe a problem as a new opportunity
…to help you see a behaviour or attitude from a different perspective
…to offer a model of a more useful behaviour or attitude
…to create, new healthier habits
…to search out new possibilities
…to make connections from the past and the present and use this to help shape your future without being hampered by limiting beliefs

Well, that all sounds good doesn’t it?

…..How exactly does it do this?

Hypnosis works. Because it shifts brain activity from Beta-waves (your conscious processing) to Alpha-waves (a trance or hypnosis state) which permits learned information to be consolidated at a deeper, subconscious level.

Let’s look at Anxiety….
Do you want to go from Anxiety to Awesome?! Yes! Everybody does…right?! Hypnosis can help eliminate anxiety so you can live an awesome life.

Anxiety comes from two different places…The Amygdala..this happens without you having a sense of why it is happening, which promotes the “flight, fight or freeze” response in the sympathetic nervous system. Then there is the cortex led anxiety which typically comes from over thinking, “catastrophising”, or rumination. To get different results you need to do different things otherwise you will be in a stuck state re-running the same programmes and experiencing the same behaviours. Hypnosis can be one of the tools to help you rewire your brain. It helps you to change your neuro-plasticity so you can change your results. In order to do this you have to take control, don’t let things build up and as soon as you feel anxiety is getting to you, “notice and treat it”. You can then live the life you deserve. I can help you get rid of the nasty feelings that are taking up too much of your time. You will be able to step off the anxiety continuum completely (or at least be able to stay at the milder, less stressful end). The effects of Hypnosis are cumulative and we will remove your destructive ‘what if’ pattern of thinking. I can help you rewire your brain so that you learn to create new pathways which don’t automatically trigger the anxiety response.

We have all been affected in some way by COVID19 haven’t we? Since we know it isn’t going away any time soon we have had to adapt our ways of working, socialising and even trying to minimise any negative effect on mental and physical health and well being.It is all very well telling someone to keep their “chin up” or “keep smiling through” but there is often only so much we can do ourselves.

Having studied and worked with natural skincare and makeup for the past 8 years creating my Hypnotic Skincare Kit was not as much of a stretch as it may first appear. Helping your skin heal from the inside out and the outside in, seemed, in fact a completely logical step.

Hypnosis has been proven to help people with addictions but for me pain management is where it shines. I have suffered with oesteoarthritis for about 10 years now. I have had a Trapeziectomy operation on my left thumb and over the past year my right hip has been getting more difficult to walk with. My blood pressure was also too high. Something had to be done. I threw down a challenge to myself. I started learning and practising self hypnosis. My blood pressure is now “normal” and my hip has improved to walk on. Self hypnosis works. I have read books and books of clinical trials and surgical successes but getting positive results on myself is the convincer I needed.

Hypnosis, far from being mystical is the most natural phenomenon you could engage to help rewire bad habits, create new ones and show positive improvements to your physiology. As with everything, if you haven’t the spare hours or desire needed to invest in becoming a masterful hypnotist yourself, if you are really ready…. I can help you.

MY SPECIAL HYPNOSIS PROMISE TO YOU: If you have been hovering as to whether this will work for you, I am pleased to say….

We will start the process via an initial FREE telephone conversation where you will share your goals and we will chat through Hypnosis..what it is …what it isn’t, then I will ask you to fill out a couple of client forms and we will go from there. Sound good? Great! My contact details are below..please use your preferred method of contact.

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