Holistic Healing Parties: Naturally healthy fun with friends!

Holistic Healing Parties: Naturally healthy fun with friends!

The rise in healthy fun to compliment your healthy lifestyle is a growing trend.

More than ever before we are tuning into how to be planet conscious, body conscious and mind conscious. We are moving towards making more conscious decisions..and that may mean that a night out with the girls is “out” with the binge drinking and “in” with embracing more alternative, therapy focused get-togethers?

Many of us have grown up with the concept that a good time means over eating, over drinking, in fact, overdoing just about anything and everything? No longer it seems. Holistic Healing Parties, (by Holistic, we simply mean a 360 degree approach to health and well-being,) are now booking at Outsidethebox!

Your friends will be talking about the experience you hosted for them for a long time afterwards and that’s without help from any dubious pictures which usually find their way onto Facebook, Instagram or similar. It’s probably a controversial step forward but here at Outsidethebox, it is one we 100% believe will benefit all who come.

An Outsidethebox Holistic Healing party is a chance to reconnect with natural, sensory experiences.This could take the form of some seated massage therapy, a beautifully nurturing natural facial or perhaps an invigorating feet and lower leg massage with our Peppermint Foot Butter!

All of us suffer the consequences of a modern lifestyle don’t we? Sleeplessness, Stress at work ( or at home) Digestive disorders, skin issues, backache, even if we already workout or run we are often beset by injuries or muscle strains.

Dynamic, bespoke massage and a natural facial presents an opportunity to reconnect your mind and body.

Ideally set a little away from the main party and after a brief health questionnaire, you and your guests will be invited to enjoy a 30 minute
Mind and Body Sensory Treatment. Happiness music, which is naturally serotonin and dopamine enhancing, will be played and a diffuser will create the most relaxing aromas for you and your guests.

Your Holistic Sensory Experience will be in the form of “Taster Treatments”, You can choose to enjoy one or two of these during your 30 minute bespoke to your needs, intensive session.

We begin with a centring, breathing exercise to prepare the mind that something amazing is about to happen! You will have chosen from the following menu.. one or at most two treatments is recommended. This means that each treatment session is tailored to your individual needs to ensure you enjoy maximum benefit.

*Relaxing Natural Facial Treatment,
*Restorative Seated Head Neck and Shoulder Massage,
*Invigorating Indian Head Massage
*Grounding Feet and Lower Legs Massage

For those who have deep seated muscle tension we also offer targeted
Remedial Percussion Therapy Massage with a Percussion Therapy Gun. (There is an information declaration to be completed for this treatment.)

We end the session with our breathing ritual to ensure lasting deep relaxation and body appreciation especially after the natural stimulation of the body’s own endorphins, for maximum benefit.

Afterwards you and your guests will feel that any tension in their bodies will have been released to help allow any emotional or physical negative energy to also disperse. This results in a happier, calmer, overall sense of well-being and a happier outlook and the chance to restore a glowing complexion.

There is also the opportunity, after having tried them, to order our beautifully natural, hand made skincare products at a discounted rate.**

** On-line orders only for party attendees.

Outsidethebox Holistic Healing Parties are the New Healthy Heroes of having fun with friends!

Strictly subject to availability
Only £20 per person
Minimum 4 people, Maximum 8

email: jules@outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk
call me on: 01934 8232820
or 01934 823820

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile and must be agreed and paid in advance to secure the booking. Starting location is BS248DZ.