Does High Tech Beauty leave you cold?

Does High Tech Beauty leave you cold?

  • Do you ever feel that everything “Beauty” has got just that little bit too clever?
  • Do you feel bewildered by the array of unpronounceable, “techie” terms that sound impressive but you really have no clear idea what they are and how they actually work?
  • Do you think it may be time to get “back to basics”?

At Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Skincare…we couldn’t agree more!


All of our makeup and skincare products are 100% Natural, chemical and paraben free, in fact they are actively good for your skin too!

We also listened to your feedback, as although our existing skincare regime is primarily based on the benefits of using oils, we recognise that they may not appeal to everyone and as a result, we are  delighted to launch our two latest products;

Luxury Bergamot and Rose Geranium Moisturiser  This luxury “day to night and in between if needed” moisturiser is not only gentle, rejuvenating and healing on your skin but the aroma delights the senses too!


Massage a little into your face and neck, morning, noon ( yes! even over your Outsidethebox Mineral Foundation for a mid-day moisture boost!) and at night, after cleansing and before going to bed. When consistently applied, you should see a noticeable difference to the texture and smoothness of your skin tone in just *a few days. (*This timescale may vary slightly, dependent on your age and lifestyle)


Soothe and Cleanse Our “back to basics”, skin-safe cleanser works well for all skin types but is especially great for sensitive skins.  In our words it doesn’t “bite back”!

When cleansing don’t be afraid to use firm circular strokes. Most of us have fine hairs around our cheek areas and if you wear makeup (any makeup), you will need to ensure these little hairs are thoroughly cleansed. This massage technique also stimulates muscle tone, stimulates the Lymph system to get rid of toxins and helps bring oxygen to the blood.





Outsidethebox SUPER SKIN TIP!

For extra dry skin mix a little of our Cleanser and Luxury Moisturiser together and apply directly onto those super parched areas and feel the moisture locking into your skin! 

Intrigued? Want to make your skin happy? Like to try some for FREE?

For those where location, geography, life, permits we would like to personally invite you to our  Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Skincare Stall at The Nails, St Nicholas Markets, Corn Street, Bristol where these new products may be tried and tested for FREE at our product launch on Saturday 29th April 2017, from 10am to 5pm. Special Launch OFFERS will be available! Contact us NOW to order yours to collect from our Stall and get your Lucky Dip free gift too!

What’s that? Not your usual product launch, you say? We agree! You could even say it’s a little:


We look forward to seeing you there!