Studio Hygiene Best Practice Code

Studio Hygiene Best Practice Code

September 2020 BABTAC lastest guidelines update, with which I am Covid 19 compliant:

In England the government guidelines have now been updated to include details of mandatory test and trace requirements, a priority action list that close contact businesses need to refer to, to ensure they are protecting staff and clients with the following 7 points:

Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment
Clean more often
Ask your customers to wear face coverings in any indoor space or where required to do so by law
Make sure everyone is social distancing
Increase ventilation
Take part in NHS Test and Trace by keeping a record of all your customers for 21 days – from 18 September, this will be enforced in law
Turn people with coronavirus symptoms away
With an additional 5 points reiterated: Wearing Visor/Goggles (please note the change to allow goggles as an option) & Type II Mask, keep clients apart, help staff maintain social distancing, communicate and train staff & keep music to a minimum.

For full details of this priority list and the full updated version of England’s Guidance click here

Hello Everyone,

I am keen to let you know that as and when I will be able to restart my Face and Body Work Treatments that I have a safety system in place designed to control any risk of infection. This is led by BABTAC and the Health and Beauty industry common standards of practice as well as exceptional practices to protect us all from CV19.
Your temperature will be taken before your treatment in my Outsidethebox Studio. If it is above normal(37.8 degrees is the threshold for fever), the treatment will not be able to go ahead and we will need to reschedule your appointment.


Personal Protective Equipment. Surgical Gloves and Face Masks will be worn and disposed of after your visit. If you feel you would like to wear your own too, that is absolutely fine, if that is appropriate for you. After disrobing your clothes will be placed in a plastic box with a lid. You will be required to take off your shoes before entering the studio, wash your hands, drying them with paper towels,and walk into the studio without touching anything.


All products used are will be self contained to prevent contamination or disposable utensils will be used to distribute the products if this is not possible. All display surfaces and therapy tools will be sanitised regularly.

Studio Linen:

This is changed after every visit and all linen is washed at 60 degrees. Paper rolls are also used on my couch as an additional safety measure. All surfaces will disenfected after each client.Cushions will be covered with couch roll if required.

Hand Washing:

You will be asked to wash your hands when you arrive and when you leave. Hot water, OTB’s Castile Soap (which has anti-bacterial properties) towels and natural hand sanitiser will be provided for this.

Meeting Other Clients:

I see it as my responsibility to book appointments in a timely manner to ensure you do not come into contact with any other clients during your visit.

Illness affects the Appointment:

This is two way, in that if both you or I start to show symptoms ( dry cough or high temperature) and or become ill prior to the appointment, no cancellation fee will be due and the appointment will be mutually rescheduled. I will also just check these questions with you beforehand:

1. Have you travelled abroad recently?
2. Are you currently experiencing any flu like symptoms – cough, fever shortness of breath.
3. Have you recently loss your sense of smell?
4. Have you recently lost your sense of taste?

Please bring your own water and a pen.

I know that you will appreciate I seek to do everything possible to keep you safe during your visit. If you have any questions or other requirements that I have not addressed here please do get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon as we work to get back to the status quo we all knew and loved before CV19.

Stay safe and well and I look forward to helping you all again soon.