Health Benefits of our Makeup Products

Pure minerals

Traditional makeup uses preservatives like parabens, chemical dyes (lakes) and fragrances. These can all cause skin irritation. Traditional makeup also contains fillers, which do not enhance the product in any way – they simply add bulk. More than 20% of adults are known to suffer from Idiopathic Urticaria or Angieodema at some point in their lives. This means their skin has an adverse reaction to (e.g) makeup and can present weals, blisters, burning or redness which can also be hot and itchy. Mineral cosmetics can provide a healthy and natural alternative for your skin.

Outsidethebox mineral cosmetics contain no oils, fragrances or preservatives that can aggravate acne prone skin.

So you may well be asking “what do they contain?”. Our mineral cosmetics have been designed to be kind to your skin and contain pigments and Allantoin. The fine pure pigments blend easily on the skin and provide natural, flawless cover while the Allantoin helps skin heal and regenerate. In fact the minerals used in our makeup is so pure and gentle you can even sleep in them (although we would recommend our night treatment to help work on those blemishes whilst you sleep).

Natural sunblock

We firmly believe the best form of sunblock is staying out of direct sunlight or if you have to sun worship then use sunscreen. Some of our mineral cosmetics contain Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide that are both natural sunblocks. However, we do always recommend the additional use of sunscreen and don’t rely upon the makeup alone. Did you know that our powders are so finely milled you can mix your favourite concealer or foundation with sunblock and you have a personal sun protection and foundation in one!

Vegan friendly

Finally, if you are vegan, all our products are suitable for you including our Triple Use Balms and Dark Tones Lift Balm and Cover and Nourish Balm. The Triple use Lip Balms are so good they may also be used as cream blushers and eye shadows!


If you have any form of skin condition, or even if you simply seek to protect your skin from life’s process, you can rest assured that Outsidethebox healthy mineral cosmetics will be good to your skin and help you realise that makeup is not just a beauty thing.