Mineral Cosmetics FAQ

1What is Outsidethebox Makeup Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is made up of minerals such as Iron Oxides, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. These are then ground and milled into very tiny particles to create makeup.

2Why is this better for you than traditional makeup?

Traditional Makeup uses preservatives like parabens, chemical dyes (lakes) and fragrances. These can all cause skin irritation. Traditional makeup also contains fillers, which do not enhance the product in any way they simply add bulk. In our products, each ingredient is there for a reason!

3Are mineral products anti-aging?

No! They are not strictly anti-aging ( although the minerals do have skin tightening properties!) but they do have considerable skin benefits. Often dermatologists will recommend mineral makeup for sensitive skins because it is soothing to the skin. It is also better for Rosacea sufferers as it is non comedogenic. This means it will not clog pores. When sebum is produced as in both adolescent and adult acne, these blocked pores get infected and this is when break outs and black heads are formed. The benefit of using Outsidethebox Makeup to this type of skin is immense as it is a makeup and a skin treatment. Outsidethebox Makeup Mineral makeup contains no oils, fragrances or preservatives which aggravate acne prone skin. It is also recommended after cosmetic surgery.
Here is an interesting fact: Zinc oxide is often used to treat nappy rash – so it can help soothe irritated skin!

4I have used the same, reputable, good quality makeup for years, but only recently I have started to have skin reactions. Can Outsidethebox Makeup help this?

More than 20% of adults are known to suffer from idiopathic urticaria or angiodema at some point in their lives. This means that there is an adverse reaction that presents on the skin which can have weals, blisters, burning or redness which can be hot and itchy too. There are different types and these are divided into acute and chronic. It is very debilitating. I have suffered from this and this is why I started looking into the benefits of mineral makeup. Since changing, I haven’t looked back. My skin is so much better with no indeterminate flare ups.

5What are the other benefits of using Outsidethebox Makeup Mineral Makeup?

Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide are both natural sun blocks. This means Outsidethebox Makeup has a degree of inbuilt sun protection. However, I would always recommend the addition of sunscreen. My further recommendation is that because the powders are so finely milled you could mix your favourite concealer or foundation with sunblock and you have your personal sun protection and foundation in one!
Outsidethebox Makeup mineral makeup has a special lustre which gives the face a lovely glow, producing a healthy youthful appearance to blemishes, aged skin or sufferers of Rosacea. The fine pure pigments blend easily on the skin and provide natural flawless cover. Minerals are so pure and gentle you can even sleep in them! We offer a special Night Treatment which we recommend is worn after you have cleansed, toned and moisturised before you go to bed! The minerals get to work whilst you sleep and your skin looks gorgeous!
Our concealers also contain Allantoin, which helps skin heal and regenerate. They also give amazing, natural coverage.
Our Triple Use Balms are handcrafted and gentle. They contain cold pressed plant waxes and iron oxide pigments. They do not contain questionable ingredients or hidden synthetics.
These are vegan and contain no added preservatives. Vitamin E and Jojoba oil compliment the They are so good they can also be used as cream blushers and eye pigments!