Makeup Consultations

If you are new to mineral makeup, you will be pleased to know we offer Personal Makeup Consultations. Or, if you seek a skin camouflage consultation, please confirm that your condition has been medically diagnosed prior to the consultation.

Professional cosmetics specialist, Jules Derrick, will take you through choosing the right makeup for your skin type or dermatitis, show you how to apply it easily and leave you with tips for further applications. In the case of medical conditions, Jules will provide a letter of recommendation for the best prescription based creams most suited to your condition.

You can book your very own Makeup Consultation with Jules for just £40. Consultations last for one hour. You will be charged a travel cost of 40p per mile from our base in Weston-super-Mare and any other travel expenses incurred. Bookings that are cancelled 7 days or less prior to consultation date will be charged at the normal rate.

If you would like to book a Personal Makeup Consultation, please call us on 01934 823820 or use the form on our contact page.