Gothic Princess

The fantasy fun here included Christmas LED lights and plastic flowers from Ebay! Cheesy? Why not! Again it was great fun but in the scene there is a true moment of storytelling. What is this Gothic Princess thinking? You decide!

Outsidethebox Makeup used to create this look were;

Foundation: Wild Oats mixed with concealer Fairy flax as a base for the eyeshadow.
Shadow; Purple loose strife used wet and dry. Bell Heather was the transition shade with Water violet as the highlighter. Eyelids were then shrouded in glitter. Cheeks are Wood Anemone. Black Mulberry was used for the brows. Model’s own lashes. Face traceline detail was Purpleloose strife with a damp brush. Forehead stencil was from lace and colours used were Purple Loose Strife, Dog Rose and Eyebright. Lips are Buddleia mixed with Purple Loose Strife Eyeshadow mixed topped with MOkey Orchid Natural Lip Gloss. Scene Backdrop thanks to Concept Artist and Illustrator Rob Smyth
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