The complete revitalisation of your Mind and Body are the aims of an Outsidethebox Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Treatment or Course of Treatments.

Benefits of an Outsidethebox Hot and Cold Stones Therapy session

Do you suffer from headaches, muscle tension, stress, sleep problems, anxiety, fibromyalgia, inflammation of the muscular structure or need to revitalise your mind and body?

Grounded in some of the oldest, most valuable, mastered and tested therapies known to mankind Outsidethebox Massage Therapy can help:

  • Decrease Tension
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Offer an increased Range of Motion
  • Decrease pain
  • and bring about an even more profound sense of relaxation by aligning the mind and body throughout the massage.

However….when combined with the therapeutic power of Geo-Thermotherapy, (Hot and Cold Stone Therapy), it is said this effectiveness is increased by the power of 10!

The process of using Hot and Cold Stone Therapy is akin to the power of using alternating temperatures, a practice that has been used over many years to stimulate the body’s self healing processes. This is achieved by boosting the blood, oxygen and lymphatic flow around the body.  Every Outsidethebox Hot and Cold Stones Therapy session is unique and is tailored to your individual needs. The combination of Hot and Cold stones used are directed by your specific healing requirements. During the session we “work” with you to create harmony and balance within your mind, body and spirit.

What to expect in your Outsidethebox Geo-Thermotherapy Sessions:


You will be reminded 24 hours before to hydrate well before your the treatment.

At your appointment, we will begin with a one to one consultation to establish your healing needs and the massage sequence will be explained. From this your unique-to-you combination of Basalt and Marble Stones Body Map will be created. This is recorded so that we can monitor and review the effect of your Therapy during, immediately after, 72 hours after and finally at your next treatment. We constantly seek to improve upon the effectiveness you experience from your Outsidethebox Geo-Thermotherapy.


Then follows a stretching sequence on your Arms, Legs, Body, Head and Neck. This feels wonderful and will help you begin to relax.

Massage, Stone Placement and Energy Connection

Once you are comfortably in the In the supine position laying on but not in direct body contact with your specifically positioned stones, then stone placement and energy connection will start and you will begin to enjoy the true combined power of Hot and Cold Stones and Swedish Massage Techniques.

The Basalt (Hot) Stones are applied to specific energetic zones on your body. These stones contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron which are said to offer profound healing benefits.

The Marble (Cold) Stones are used to treat any areas of inflammation, pain and muscle spasm, cellulite conditions and will speed recovery from soft tissue trauma.

You will be given a drink of water and then moved into the prone position.  Stone placement, energy connection and massage forms the third part of the Treatment. By now, your body will be deeply relaxed which enables healing to take place more effectively and massage to be effected even more deeply.

An Outsidethebox Geo-Thermotherapy Treatment concentrates on bringing together the Mind, Body and Spirit to deeply heal you, to help you relinquish negative emotions and feelings and achieve a general sense of well being and good health.


Book a Single Treatment (60 minutes) …£55
Book a course of Three, Monthly Treatments (60 minutes)…£50 each
Book a course of Six, Monthly Treatments (60 minutes) …£45 each
Book a course of Twelve, Monthly Treatments (60 minutes) …ONLY £40!

FOR COURSES  A Direct Debit* instruction is required.

*Should you not be able to attend one month the treatments may be transferred as gifts to someone else simply by emailing us with their details. We will then send a Gift Card and contact the recipient to book them in.

**You will be contacted 48 hours before your treatment to remind you or transfer the booking to a more convenient date and time. Any cancellations in the 24 hours prior to your treatment will be not be subject to a refund.

**All treatments take place at our Outsidethebox Studio in Somerset BS248DZ and are subject to availability. Should you need to cancel due to illness or unforeseen circumstances then a full refund for that treatment will be given or it may be used to buy OTB Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare products.