Geo-Thermo..WHAT Therapy?

Geo-Thermo..WHAT Therapy?

To the uninitiated Geo-Thermotherapy could be another fancy name created by wordsmiths to blind us all with science. In fact, it really is self explanatory when you think about it! The term Geo-Thermotherapy is used because the Earth (Geo) is used to deliver temperature through the Hot and Cold Stones which are applied to the body during the Massage Therapy session.

For centuries people have believed in the healing powers of hot and cold. This can even be traced back to the time of Hippocrates who died circa 430 BC!

Today hot and cold spa therapy is seen as a luxurious experience but originally this was used to improve health and well being….. Think of the Roman Baths, Greek and Turkish Baths too! Hippocrates combined this therapy with “rubbing” techniques..he believed “rubbing” can “bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid!”

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy is grounded in some of the oldest, most valuable, most tried and tested therapies known to Mankind. Hot and Cold Stone Therapy can help by: decreasing tension, increasing blood flow, offering an increased range of motion,decreasing pain and can bring about a more profound sense of relaxation by aligning the mind and body throughout the massage and afterwards.

Basalt(volcanic) stones have been used in healing for centuries. These are applied to specific, energetic zones in the body. These stones contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron which are said to offer profound healing benefits. Marble (cold) stones are used to treat any areas of inflammation, pain and muscle spasm, cellulite conditions and will speed recovery from soft tissue trauma.

There is a vast difference between using hot stones to make a Swedish Massage even more effective and an actual Hot and Cold Stones Therapy Treatment. In the first, the slow smooth strokes are carried out with hot stones being held in the therapist’s hands. This contributes to the dynamic delivery of the massage. It is said with the addition of hot stones this increases the healing power of the massage tenfold!

In a hot and cold stones THERAPY session the Therapist will first bring the Chakras (The energy centres in your body) into alignment with one another. Massage is an art that affects our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Whilst a Swedish Massage will relax and repair on a physical level, Hot Stones Therapy will use these techniques combined
with Geo-Thermotherapy techniques to change the physiological responses within the body to promote healing.

When using both heated and chilled stones in a massage the exchange of blood, lymph and digestive fluids in the body are accelerated. Sustained Vasoldialtation and Vasoconstriction results in increased flushing rates within the body. This will in turn unlock the power of the body to further heal itself. You will feel relaxed emotionally while receiving the treatment and physically the body will do an internal “workout” resulting in the feeling of being totally relaxed both physically and mentally.

An Outsidethebox Geo-Thermatherapy session goes deeper than the physical experience of a typical massage. At Outsidethebox we enter the deeper facets of relaxation, health and well-being connecting innately to the alignment of the connection of the body/mind/spirit philosophy.

Throughout the massage you will be encouraged to experience the power of NOW. To do this you will be mindful of your breath..your life force. You will find the rhythm of your breath, become one with your breath. The stones will be placed on and around your body in tune with your breath. In the fine line between inhalation and exhalation the stones will be placed on your Energy Centres (Chakras) allowing you to submit to the full power of energy connection and ultimate healing and relaxation.

This is a very brief introduction to the healing Geo-thermaltherapy that you will experience during the session. It will have deep, profound, long lasting and positive effect on you. This contemporary application of an ancient healing practice will work with you to create the optimum state of well-being for your mind, body and soul.

Call us now to Book your Geo-Thermaltherapy session and embrace a new mindful, transpersonal heightened mind and body transformation.