Farewell to 2020 and BIG NEWS for 2021

Farewell to 2020 and BIG NEWS for 2021

Like most of us, I am sure, I will not be sorry to say Goodbye to 2020. For a start, we all had a new vocabulary to learn didn’t we? New words and phrases came to pass like; Lockdown, Self-isolate, COVID weary, COVID free and Socially Distanced. When did we think previously that we would be using “Pandemic” and Furloughed” in sentences in our everyday conversations? I don’t know about you but I feel like we are at war? Not missiles and guns or nuclear weapons…something much more sinister in my book…this deadly virus.

But my heart sings when I think of our collective resolve. Bravo everyone. It has not been easy has it? Being social creatures, we feel our sociability has been harshly curtailed. Some of us have chosen not to interact with others for months. Some of us have had this imposed on us- for the greater good of us all. Thank goodness for the media. ( Fake news, propaganda and all the bad stuff aside, I mean)

Captain Tom, ( Aged Charity Fundraiser), Joe Wicks ( Exercise Purveyor), all the Musicians who have cheered us up with online gigs, even those next door neighbours who have helped with shopping and medical deliveries for those who needed to self isolate. THE NHS AND ALL FRONTLINE WORKERS who risk their lives on a daily basis just for doing their job. The Roll Call of Honour is bigger than the virus. But there are those who may need a little more of a helping hand. They may be COVID FREE thankfully but they are COVID WEARY. Let’s all take a look around us this Christmas and drop a text or Zoom a call to anyone we think could benefit?

And then , just to finish the year nicely…there’s the BREXIT debacle….or is there hope of an eleventh hour deal at the time of writing? This is in no way a political statement..just a statement of sheer, utter, complete frustration at how it has been handled..not recently but for a couple of years now. If Mr Heath et al only knew… Coughs..ok I said no politics.

Somebody said to me once that I don’t write good English. It’s true. I write as I speak. For those of you who read these blogs I am truly grateful for your continued interest. My ramblings get to the point sooner or later…it’s coming up right now….

Over the last eight years since I began my journey into Cruelty and Paraben free Cosmetics and Organic Skincare, Beauty and Massage Treatments, I came to understand that true beauty really does come from within- for males as well as females. I am not being prosaic here. Let me explain. Our Physiology matters. Our Equilibrium matters. Our bodies, our skin, hair, nails, our internal organs, our sanity are all inextricably linked to and affected by our neuroplasticity..our thought processes. I have helped people with severe skin issues such as Adult or Adolescent Acne, Rosacea and Psoriasis or Eczema. I have helped clients with muscle tension, soreness, pain management through my products and my beauty self help or massage therapy techniques. And now, in 2021 I am offering a service to help with their thought processes- below the level of conscious awareness, using probably the most “Natural” tool in existence…Hypnosis.

I have been interested in this phenomenal alternative therapy tool for some years now. Learning around the periphery of Hypnosis as I learned my Anatomy and Physiology for my massage and beauty qualifications. It has always fascinated me. The first course I did was “self hypnosis”. I was in some pain at the time with chronic pancreatitis..an illness I have suffered with since I was a teenager. Thirty percent of my pancreas has died and I take up to 16 tablets a day to give my body the ability to cope with what I put into it. My blood pressure has always been high too. At the risk of sounding like an old crock I have suffered with oesteoarthritis in my left hand especially. I had an operation 8 years ago to relieve the pain I had in my thumb- a trapeziectomy. It helped and has allowed me to do massage. Then I started this year to develop pain in my right hip. During the first lockdown at the beginning of the year I started walking more..but found it was painful.

I won’t deny..I was sceptical…but a year on and regular sessions of self hypnosis later..I can honestly say the pain in my back has gone (managing my pancreatitis), I can walk and exercise without any pain in my hip, I sleep so well every night, I feel positive and amazing more days than not. And my blood pressure has been the lowest it has been for years! This is not through tablets. This has been all managed through self hypnosis. A qualified and insured Hypnotist…. I can teach you how to do this too!


Are you a y0-yo dieter?
Are you feeling unhealthy, have a lack of confidence, yearn to be the shape you used to be again?
Are you scared to step on the scales after three Lockdowns and Christmas food?
Is there an important family event you would love to look good at this year?
Once we are back to “normal” and we can go on holiday again..do you want to be proud of your beach body instead of covering it up?

I HAVE FOUR SPACES LEFT FOR a Boutique Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis process which has a 95% clinically tested success rate!
Courses start in February 2021 . The five Hypnosis sessions will be scheduled approximately one week apart.
I will share with you now my goal is to take you through five online hypnosis sessions. As a result of our work together, you will feel stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier and we will kick start once and for all the process to your weight release success. This is a process that begins with YOU! If this interests you, please contact me ( jules @outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk) to book an initial FREE call where we will discuss your weight release goals, you will learn more about how Hypnosis will help you make the change you want to change.
Hypnosis is the most natural of ways for your unconscious to develop the perfect solution to unlock your problem.

In the interim, if you have been thinking you could do with a helping hand. If you have ever wondered about Hypnosis but never felt comfortable. My Hop into your Hypnosis tracks can help you retrain your brain, below the level of conscious awareness. No consultation fees. No fear. Just effective control of those seemingly ever unshakeable habits.
The best bit!? Right now I am offering you the chance to build your own Hypnotic Toolkit. Buy 3 tracks and you get the cheapest FREE!
Hop into your HYPNOSIS HERE:

So, it’s farewell to 2020…and a huge HELLO and WELCOME to 2021. Your potential to unlock the life you deserve is right here.

I will still of course be selling my Natural Mineral Makeup and Organic Skincare products. I will (COVID19 permitting) still be doing my beauty and massage therapy services and now to complete your ONE STOP SHOP FOR THE BEST YOU..be offering HOP INTO YOUR HYPNOSIS and HYPNOSIS one to one consultations. It has been quite a journey. But I am where I wanted to always be now..helping you to naturally make the best of you..inside and outside.

Thank you sincerely for your continued support. With all of my products and services I strive to offer you the very best. If you have ANY questions..please don’t be shy.

Here’s to a Happy,Heartfelt, Healthy 2021 for us all!