Facial Massage Treatments

Signature Natural Facial Treatment
  • £
  • After a skin consultation, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged using our exclusive, organic skincare products. The treatment revives tired looking skin, helps soften fine lines and hydrates the skin and makes it feel lifted and toned. Elasticity is improved and the complexion looks brighter. (Duration: 60 mins approx)

    Natural Makeup 1-2-1 Masterclass
  • £
  • After a skin/makeup issues consultation and the skin has been cleansed, toned and moisturised, tailored to your individual needs, your exclusive Mineral Masterclass will give you tips and tricks on Mineral Makeup, how it works, the benefits to your skin and how it will help you retain good skin. (Duration: 60 mins approx)

    Kansa Wand Facial
  • £
  • We have combined our Genius Serum, Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil and a Kansa Wand Facial Treatment to help to gently, erase fine lines, brighten dark circles and gently lift facial skin naturally. This technique has been said to almost “photoshop” your face! (Duration: 60 mins approx). Read our blog for more information on the benefits of our kansa wand treatment.

    Zen Deluxe Facial Treatment
  • £
  • Our Zen Facial Treatment combines the benefits of a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation and nourishment of the skin with the holistic approach of relaxing the muscles of the face neck and shoulders. The treatment gently stimulates oxygen and blood flow to remove toxins that may be present in facial muscles and tissues.

    To continue your sensory journey of health and skin based wellness the Kansa Wand helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The use of mineral rich clays also help purify and rejuvenate the skin. A hand and arm massage is included and after these are encased in hot mittens whilst the clay mask takes effect.

    Our Zen Facial Treatment can also help with relieving headaches, stress and help get rid of sinus congestion. Pressure points on the face are used to stimulate facial muscles, relieve tension, boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s elasticity and appearance.

    All products used are exclusive, free from chemicals, harsh preservatives or parabens. They are natural and Vegan friendly. We use Lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce puffiness. The skin is left feeling soft, supple, hydrated and radiant.

    Regular treatments can reduce fine lines and wrinkles make the skin look firmer, smoother and younger. Our Zen Facial Treatment relaxes the whole body, is pleasurable and calms the nervous system providing an oasis of pampering and restoration away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life.

    (Duration: 60 mins).
    Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your skin consultation before the Treatment.


    Two hours of enjoyment in the form of a 100% Natural Facial using our exclusive Organic Skincare products, then a beautiful natural beverage and some light nibbles (again, all sorts of healthy!) This is followed by a fun, makeup (if you need it – problem solving), Mineral Masterclass, all with Jules, Founder and Creator of the Company.

    Double bookings are available so if you would like to come along with a friend or treat someone for a special occasion as an extra special thank you to them and pamper yourself too, just ask for details!

    A combined session of our Natural Facial Treatment and our Mineral Makeup Masterclass…individually priced at £45 each, but on our Wonderfully Wicked Wednesdays can be booked for just £45 per person!

    All appointments are subject to availability. Our VERY special offer price is for 2 person Consultations and Refreshments are provided. Makeup products purchased are charged at RRP.

    Well Good Men's Facial Treatment
  • £
  • The facial men don’t know they need.

    Razor burn? Oil control? Need a hydration boost? Beard nourishment?
    Need to de-stress? Looking to prepare your skin for a family event, career move or holiday?
    or are you simply looking for some relaxation and rejuvenation “you-time”?

    Our Outsidethebox Exclusive Men’s Facial treatment could be just the solution you seek:

    After a skin consultation with you to understand your existing regime and skin issues, we begin with a head, neck, shoulder and Kansa back massage using specialist hand crafted Kansa Wands. These are tools with a wooden handle and bronze top. They are designed to deliver Ayurvedic healing treatments. Stresses and strains of everyday life manifest in our muscles and tissues. The metallic properties of the Kansa Wand works due to the nature of piezo-electricity and extracts excess heat, acidity and toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. The physical process of friction helps to draw out inflammation as a result of this bodywork. The blend of high quality copper and tin (to make Bronze) is known in Ayurveda as the “healing metal”. An Outsidethebox Ayurvedic Massage Treatment involves face and body work that will release the flow of subtle physical and mental energy to restore natural balance  by working effectively with the body’s subtle electric fields that runs through the collagen layer and gives a deep, lasting sense of relaxation.

    The second part of the treatment involves a deep detoxification of the face that will help unclog your pores and keep your skin looking fresh. We start with a double deep cleanse using our Organic Face Wash and hot towels. The skin is then exfoliated or “buffed”. If you have a beard or moustache (or something in between), the beard is massaged with our exclusive Sandalwood, Bergamot and Peppermint beard oil. The treatment ends with the skin being toned, refreshed and moisturised with exclusive Outsidethebox Natural, Organic Skincare products.

    (Duration: 60 mins)

    Where to find us

    All treatments take place at the Outsidethebox Concept Natural Makeup and Organic Skincare Studio.
    Upstairs at 38 The Orchard, Locking, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset BS248DZ
    All treatments are by appointment only and are subject to availability. For further information please call us on 07545 857751.