Elderly Holistic Massage


Life for an older person can be even better with Outsidethebox Holistic Massage

As we get older, it is ironic that we need touch more but seem to experience it less. Holistic massage is individually targeted to soothe, reassure, relax… it can be like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket to calm a restless mind and induce better sleep patterns, or for more robust individuals it is something a bit different that can boost their energy levels.

Each massage experience is personalised by taking into account the needs and well being of the individual as well as underpin their personal care standards, as defined by the Care Quality Commission. By the power of professional touch I can help to transform older people’s quality of life whether they are at home, in assisted living residences, residential or nursing home care.

We offer Facial Reflexology sessions, Holistic Body Massage, Meditation and Massage Circles, Fun with Massage group activities and Mineral Makeup Special Occasion Masterclasses.

Senior Massage
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  • At Outsidethebox we understand that, ironically, as we get older we seem to need “touch” even more but this is when we often feel it less. Soothing effleurage massage strokes and comforting touch can help create a sense of trust for Seniors either in care or in their homes. A soothing hand and arm, or head neck and shoulder massage can offer reassurance and may help to reduce any distress too as it helps to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and encourages a relaxation response in the brain.

    If you have been wondering what to buy as a gift for an elderly family member or friend an Outsidethebox Holistic Massage Therapy session may be just what the doctor ordered!

    Senior Massage (in care or at home)
    60 minute treatment – £60.00
    30 minute treatment – £30.00
    15 minute treatment – £20.00
    (includes client consultation or care giver consultation)

    *There is a 40p per mile travel charge for mileage over 10 miles from our Studio base BS24 8DZ
    A 20% non-refundable deposit secures your booking