Cake and Makeup in a castle anyone?

Cake and Makeup in a castle anyone?

Outsidethebox mineral makeup workshop at Thornbury Castle by The Circus Queen- Adele Jarrett-Kerr

“I had a pretty different start to the week last week, rocking up to Thornbury Castle for a workshop with Outsidethebox mineral makeup.

I love makeup and wear it most days. I’ve finally reached the point in my life where I feel OK about going out without it but, for me, makeup is about having fun and being creative.

I would, however, like to improve the quality of the skin beneath the makeup. At 29, I still get a lot of blemishes and I have quite oily skin, which is genetic. If I take a closer look, I’m starting to notice lines across my forehead and around my eyes and mouth – the inevitable signs of ageing. I don’t mind them that much – they will happen – but I’m also not exactly looking to hurry them along.

So, I was really interested hearing about the benefits of mineral makeup in addressing these skin concerns. Outsidethebox’s focus is on creating healthy products with natural ingredients, sourced from the UK, Europe and the USA, and no harsh chemicals. Their star product, 100% organic Jojoba oil nourishes and heals the skin, tackling both ageing and acne. Jules Derrick, the woman behind the brand, recommends using it on its own at night and mixing it with dry mineral makeup when applying it.

Jules takes such a personal approach with Outsidethebox. Her passion for makeup and the people who wear it is obvious. The brand was conceived following her own scary skin reactions to conventional makeup she’d worn for years. She wanted to create makeup that would be kind to skin suffering non-contagious conditions and supportive of all skin regardless of type.

With the help of White Rabbit Makeup Artist Gemma Louise Williams, a day and an evening look were demonstrated. Jo from Slummy Single Mummy had the day look makeover with only a couple of products in just a few minutes.

Thornbury Castle’s marketing manager modelled the evening look and what struck me was how perfectly the foundation was colour matched.


In fact, the diversity in the foundation range is pretty exciting and Outsidethebox are also happy to mix colours to give a completely bespoke shade should someone need it. I was surprised at how easily Jules was able to match foundation to my skin and after she’d put concealer, foundation and finishing powder on my skin just so I could give it a go, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

I’ve particularly enjoyed using the natural mineral lipstick made with Jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and Lavender essential oil. It’s surprisingly long lasting and feels amazing on my lips.

After the workshop we got to take a little look around Thornbury Castle before enjoying a cream tea. As an Early Modern studies graduate it was a real treat to step into the room Anne Boleyn stayed in and walk through to Henry VIII’s room, now both rooms any guest can book.

It’s the only Tudor castle you can stay in. It’s not that kid-friendly in terms of staying (lots of windy staircases, great for defending the castle, not so great for little legs) but it would be perfect for a weekend getaway. I’ve also had this idea that Thornbury was far away from Bristol for some reason so was pleasantly surprised it only took about 25 minutes to get there. Lots of fun discoveries for a quiet, autumn Monday morning.

Outsidethebox makeup at Thornbury Castle