Breathing correctly….Is this our new “Natural Prejuvenation”?

Breathing correctly….Is this our new “Natural Prejuvenation”?

Prejuvenation. It’s a big word. We have heard for many years talk of “Rejuvenation”
haven’t we? Especially in the field of modern skincare and cosmetics. For those of us who have reached a “certain age” we would probably all love to look or feel at least some years younger?

With growing knowledge in this area, generation Z appear to be looking to live healthier lives, by keeping their carbon footprints to a minimum and enjoying a vegan led diet. The tide is now turning it seems towards optimising their Healthy Lifestyle for older generations.

Beautifully hand crafted, natural and “Oh so good for you” products like those we create here at Outsidethebox contain non-toxic, plant based ingredients which are healthier alternatives to some of the toxic ingredients that have been used in the beauty/cosmetic industry to date.

“BRAVO OUTSIDETHEBOX!!”, I hear you say. Well, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business. Now, with the selling and promoting over, here’s what I really wanted to share with you in this blog;

Is CORRECT BREATHING the new prejuvenation?

Stress affects the skin dramatically. This can present in the form of wrinkles both fine and deep set, furrowed brows, tight lip lines, saggy neck muscles due to jaw clenching and stretching them so they loose their elasticity more quickly. Not to mention spots and blemishes, unexplained rashes or even dry flakey skin…. you name it stress can cause many different skin reactions, none of which are welcome. Whilst I prefer to stick with tried and true, keep it simple, product ingredients I am always open to looking at new ways of thinking and understanding how we can improve our age driven “lot” in life.

Think of a healthy, vibrant young person. They often seem relaxed and naturally happy. Sometimes I believe that Life’s influences work to sabotage that happy go lucky attitude we started out with all those years ago. Breathing is an unconscious body activity just like digesting our food or the circulation of our blood being pumped around our body by our heart. But in times when stress gets to us, it’s rhythm can be affected. Our breathing shallows, our breath is faster, in fact we can become almost breathless, anxious and this shows all too clearly on our skin.

When our breath is free and slow, we can naturally relax. Just check your breathing now. Take a breath. Where do you start from? By that I mean to show that most of us when asked to take a breath, take a big breath in. In relaxation techniques, if you start with the out breath, this will then allow you to inhale a good lungful of fresh, clear air. WE benefit from this because the exhale triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which is our relaxation response. (Ideally we should be aiming to exhale for 11 seconds and inhale for 7 seconds- not easy at first but persevere!).

Here’s how to breathe correctly to maximise relaxation:

“Exhale slowly,smoothly, silently and completely through the nose.
Expel all the air out of your lungs and contract your belly.
Now pause. Neither inhale or exhale for a few moments.
Wait until your lungs naturally demand the air.
Inhale slowly, smoothly, silently and completely through the nose.
Allow your belly to rise until you are full.
Do not hold your breath when you are full.
Exhale, smoothly, slowly silently and completely through the nose.
Expel all the air out of your lungs and contract your belly.
Pause. Neither inhale or exhale for a few moments.
Wait until your lungs naturally demand the air.” (Cathal O’Briain)

The idea is that you shouldn’t breathe too fast or too forcefully. Your breath should be smooth and silent.And don’t hold your breath in between inhaling and exhaling. This is not an easy technique to master and you will notice that it is when you are neither inhaling or exhaling that you feel the highest relaxation response throughout your body.

The idea behind this is that when you achieve full respiratory potential you achieve a better quality of life. Try lying down on the floor ( or on a firm bed) with a pillow under your knees to start..don’t use a pillow for your head as the windpipe needs to be unhindered!

You will find quickly, with daily practice, that this new breathing technique will become second nature. You will feel better both mentally and physically. Experiencing a good oxygen flow allows muscles to relax and an instant calmness washes over you. No more will you feel the stress and tiredness that comes with incorrect breathing. You skin will be more relaxed and wrinkles and fine lines will not appear as quickly.

So, can Correct Breathing be a precursor to “Natural Prejuvenation”?…in conjunction with Outsidethebox’s unbelievably effective makeup and skincare products, yes, I believe it can!

So, let’s use this very do-oable “Natural Prejuvenation” technique together and enjoy the benefits of less tension and stress and see the positive effect that has on our physical and mental natural well being!

Happy “Correct Breathing” Everyone!

Jules :Dxx

P.S Should you have any respiratory issue please consult your Doctor before trying this.
P.P.S Should you feel your skin needs a little extra boost our naturally good for you
Genius Serum helps keep fine lines at bay!

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