Ayurvedic Massage at Outsidethebox Natural Skincare Studio Somerset

Ayurvedic Massage at Outsidethebox Natural Skincare Studio Somerset

Ayurvedic massage, Ayurveda

Your questions answered…on Kansa Massage and Skincare Treatments @ Outsidethebox Studio

1. What is Ayurveda?
AYURVEDA is THE SCIENCE OF LIFE (Ayur = life, Veda = science)
The ancient Indian “science of life” called Ayurveda explains that human beings, like the Universe, are made up of each of the five elements: Air, Space, Fire, Water, Earth (and the Soul.) This is a whole body approach to healing. Its’ practitioners believe there is a delicate balance between mind body and spirit to fulfil optimum human health and well being. It was originally developed over 3000 years ago in India.

2. What are Doshas? These are 3 “energies” called Pitta, Kapha, Vata which are said to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity. Each individual has a unique balance of Doshas. Each person has their own combination of two or three of these elemental forces. Vata is composed of Space and Air, Pitta of Fire and Water and Kapha of Earth and Water.

i) Vata type: People under this type display physical and emotional characteristics linked to the elemental qualities of Space/akasha and Air/vayu. They are very active – mobile, restless and energetic. They have fast metabolisms, so are often thin with little muscle development and protruding joints that may make cracking noises. Their skin is dry, rough and thin with visible veins.

ii) Pitta type: People under this type display an inherent Fire/agni elemental character. They are of medium build, with greater muscular development than that displayed by vata. Their skin is soft and warm, and they have a lot of body heat and often perspire excessively. Their hair is thin and often reddish or blond, and they may experience premature graying, baldness or excessive hair loss. Their skin flushes easily and they often have many freckles and moles. Their skin develops acne, rashes, bruises or sunburn easily.

iii) Kapha type: People under this type tend to have a heavy and solid, or large build and character. They are often overweight, gain weight easily and have high muscle development (plump and round). Their skin is thick, smooth and moist with few wrinkles. Their complexion is usually clear, fair or pale, and hair is oily, thick and wavy. Their teeth are strong, white and well formed.

**It must be stressed that we are all unique and may recognise characteristics from each Dosha!

3. What does it mean when Doshas are out of balance? Our Doshas give us our unique blueprint for how we look, feel, speak and behave.

i) VATA- Characteristics; Calm, Warmth, Nourish
Vata is increased/aggravated by “too much” of the following:
Cold – food, drinks, weather
Dryness – windy weather, dry (non-oily) food
Change – irregular mealtimes, variable routine, changing seasons
Stimulation – computers, action movies, intense exercise….coffee!

This means:
You feel anxious or worried.
You find it hard to make up your mind…and change it often.
You forget things regularly (“where did I leave my car keys?”).
Your skin/hair gets dry, as do your bowels, possibly making you constipated.
You find it hard to “settle down” to sleep well.
Your digestion/appetite, mood and energy levels fluctuate throughout the day.
You feel the cold, get tired easily and just wish life could slow down.
How do you regain your Vata balance?
Rest – go to bed early and get plenty of rest generally.
Good Routine – regular daily routine such as sleep, mealtimes.
Warmth – keeping your body warm with warm food and drinks.
Oil – unctuous diet (non-dry), warm oil body massages.
Sweetness – more sweet foods, relationships. Vata types love touch and hugs.
Slowness – go for more relaxed, calming activities, exercise. ie: meditation, gentle yoga, quiet time, cat naps
Listen to relaxing, soothing music.

ii) PITTA- Characteristics: Soothe, Cool, Satisfy
Pitta is increased/aggravated by the following:
Too much hot or spicy food.
A lot of sour or salty food
Hot weather
Too much “intensity/seriousness”
Not enough fun, play, relaxation
Anger, rage, and ego replace Pitta’s positive attitude.
You feel angry, irritable and impatient.
You are over-competitive or over-critical (usually of others!).
You are too serious. People say “you need to chill out.”
You are really uncomfortable in hot weather.
How do you regain your Pitta balance?  
Coolness –cold foods, drinks, climate (avoid hot sun), water activities such as swimming.
Fun/Leisure – take regular breaks from work and have more fun time.
Natural Beauty – spend time looking at trees, moonlight, tranquil water.
Sweet and Bitter foods – and reduce hot and spicy, salty and sour foods

iii) KAPHA- Characteristics: Comfort, Stimulate, Inspire
Kapha is increased/aggravated by the following:
Too much cold – food, drinks, weather.
Heaviness – excessive heavy or oily foods (or too much food in general)
Insufficient activity/exercise
Damp weather
Not enough variety, change, stimulation
Your Kapha is Out of Balance if
You feel lethargic, depressed and lazy.
You have gained weight and generally feel ‘heavy’.
Your digestion is sluggish…you feel ‘stuck’.
You may feel congested and resistant to change.
Can lead to insecurity and envy.
How do you regain your Kapha balance?
Variety –keep diet, exercise, work varied.
Lighter foods – reduce heavy, sweet foods and drinks.
Stimulation – go for spicier foods or more vigorous exercise
Warmth – keep your body warm, have warm food/drinks.
Dryness – less oil in the diet.
Do regular exercise.

4. Where does Kansa fit in Ayurveda?
In our lifetime we expose our bodies to many different environments, pollutions and products which contain chemicals. Acidity can result in our bodies and skin through diet too. The Kansa wand “pulls” out this acidity. Sometimes a graying effect can be seen on the skin as a result of the friction of the wand on the skin. This is said to be pulling out the excess Pitta or “fieriness” in the tissues which has accumulated, through our skin. It is also happening at an elctro-magnetic level. This is attributed to the piezo-electricity running through our bodies which is stimulated by the rubbing action of the wand used in conjunction with natural oils which allow the wand to glide over the skin without undue friction or dragging. The Kansa wand is said to help balance the three Doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

5. What is a Kansa Wand and how do they work ?
The domed head is made of Bronze ( Copper and Tin, a trace of Zinc)- but no lead or impurities. It is known as the healing metal of India. The handles of the massage wands we use in our treatments are made of Teak. These are safe, effective tools for overall wellness and vitality. The wand heats up gently as it is massaged lightly onto the skin and helps to relieve stress, enhance health, increase energy, and leave skin glowing.
They also have incredible effects on the skin when used in conjunction with a mix of jojoba or coconut and essential oils. It has even been reported the wands “de-kink” the skin’s collagen and act as an eraser for fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known that copper rich surfaces are unfriendly to harmful microbes, which means the Kansa wand is very cleansing for the skin. They are also completely safe on people who have pacemakers.

6. What is Kansa wand massage and why is it beneficial?
Massage is classed as “passive exercise” It promotes overall well being, rest and relaxation. Micro particles of copper are known to support healthy collagen (the material that supports the good tone and vibrancy of the skin.) Combine these two facts and you have a very powerful treatment for both mind and body. Kansa Treatments can soften lines, “lift” skin (dark circles) and de-puff eyes. Massaging the face with the wand can revitalize complexion by increasing blood circulation. The oxygen from increased circulation allows the skin to release toxins and calms inflammation (making it especially beneficial for irritated skin after shaving). Improved circulation from regular massages can make skin look brighter and more awake. Facial massages can also reduce swelling and aid drainage, which can make skin appear tighter. Massage is attributed to assist the skin to absorb beneficial ingredients from our lotions and serums.

7. How can Ayurveda benefit skin conditions?

As skin is the most visible part of the body..its appearance plays an important role not only in our physical beauty but our emotional wellbeing too. The Ayurvedic holistic approach to health linked to beauty delivered via the Kansa Wand is probably our best kept healing and beauty secret, which is the very reason we use it.

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